We do Shamanism differently...

At The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center, we embrace the universality and intercultural value of shamanism as an omnipresent global practice while advocating deep respect and honour for the disitinct cultural rituals which have been shared with us.

Our approach is gentle and inclusive, encouraging a foundational and deeply personal journey that is both impactful and accessible.



We work with a range of vetted practitioners and elders to sustainably source our medicines directly from the tribes that guard and create them, as well as to ensure the fidelity and spirit of our ceremonies.


Shamanism is for everyone, regardless of race, faith, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ancestry. Barring legitimate health concerns, we welcome adults from all walks of life.


From the moment you arrive, you are actively involved in your own healing. Each step of the way, we share the valuable principles and practies that put you in charge of your journey when you return home.



Our approach is gentle and encouraging, allowing each person to engage with as much or as little healing as they feel ready for in the moment... putting you in control of your healing process.



Because you're with us - hands on - every step, our unique approach empowers you to make LASTING change, and gives you the techniques you need to maintain that change for a LIFETIME.


If you feel drawn to Shamanism, it's because you are being called to HEAL!

You are being called to reclaim the lost and missing pieces of yourself. You are being called to re-enliven the ancient healing ways and reawaken the medicine of spirit in a way so vibrant, concentrated, so powerful, and so profound that it radiates out into the world around you long after your healing has begun.

We can help you answer that call!

While we're not going to teach you how to "brew", or encourage you to do anything illegal, dangerous or beyond your level of knowledge/comfort, we ARE going to teach you all of the techniques you need to take control of your own healing. There is NOTHING we do that we don't teach. And by the end of your intensive retreat, you will KNOW:


✔   The history, mythology, science, and relevance of shamanic healing as it applies to our modern lives. 

✔   Ancient wisdom teachings and practical modern practices to heal, restore, and revitalize yourself naturally.

✔   The secret to shamanic journey and trancework that will and accelerate healing on every level.

✔  Elemental healing ceremonies and rituals to connect intimately with Mother Earth and align deeply with the natural universe.

✔   Powerful, wholistic methods to connect more fully with your totem animals, spirit guides, and innate intuition

✔   The ancient art of Soul Retrieval – the sacred shamanic approach to HEALING ON A SOUL LEVEL.

✔   How to heal yourself, stay healed, and heal others with these and other traditional shamanic techniques! 

Shamanism is DEEP soul work that is emotionally charged and intensive...


For millennia, the shamans around the world have understood what Western culture ignores: true healing is awakening to a vision of our healed nature and the experience of infinity.

'Experience' is the key, and shammanism acheives this experiential awakening by immersing you in an reciprocal relationship with the universe around you, so that all life becomes a two-way conversation between the seen and the unseen that makes the unseen knowable, tangible, and familiar.

Shamanism will heal your soul, and THAT will transform your life...

Once closely guarded, Soul Retrieval is a set of sacred technologies that transform the body-mind by healing the soul, and can change the way we live and die.
By reframing, unravelling, and reframing our trauma - from the most insignificant slight to the deepest wounds - sould retrieval allows us to rewrite the stories of our pasts, renegotiate the contracts of our lives, and rechart a new course for a brighter, more vibrantly alive future.

Shamanism heals the CORE issue rather than addressing the symptoms...


The Shamanic worldview asserts that ALL illness - mental, emotional, or physical - begins in the Spirit first. Like a fever, what we know as physical or mental illnesses are simply external sympotms of a deeper spiritual sickness.

Soul retrieval, plant medicines, ritual, and ceremony all work in different ways to heal the spiritual ROOT and thereby alleviate the outter symptoms we recognize as dis-ease.

Imagine Healing As Natural As Breathing

Imagine intuitively knowing when something is out of balance AND how to correct it immediately.

Imagine keeping your mind, body, and subtle energies in a state of renewed wellness ALL THE TIME.

Imagine manifesting your desires effortlessly and living the kind of life you've always dreamed of.

Imagine helping the people you love live this level of wellness and connection.

Imagine having a profound connection with every organ and cell in your body... with every plant, tree, rock, and animal on Earth... with every star in the universe.

These are the kinds of outcomes you can expect when you learn how to work directly with Spirit. This is the aim of Shamanism, and the reason we teach the way we do. You CAN be your own shaman, more easily and joyfully than you ever dreamed... starting RIGHT NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can learn Shamanism?

Literally anyone.

Some specific ceremonies - particularly plant medicines - have contraindications for certain conditions or medications. But these are only a small part of Shamanism... meaning there is plenty that you CAN do despite any health concerns. And most Shamanic healing techniques are extremely accessible.

Shamanism is a global phenomena, with cultural variants developing in EVERY early civilization we've yet discovered before the evolution of organized religion. And many modern religions still contain and maintain the influence of early shamanic practices.

Your ancient ancestors very likely practiced their own form of Shamanism... which is still present within you, encoded in your DNA.

What we think of as "Shamanism" today largely emerged through specific cultures who have maintained those practices in their original form. And while those culturally distinct practices have become the most 'popular' or prevalent touchstone for Shamanic healing, they represent only a small fraction of the global mechanism that comprises Shamanism as a universal whole. Thus, while these individual practices may be the easiest to encounter or experience in modernity, they are not the only way.

What About Cultural Misappropriation?

This is an interesting and sometimes complicated topic. At The Meehl Foundation, we strive to draw a clear distinction between culturally specific rituals and the animistic practice of Shamanism. "Shamanism" is not a singular entity, nor is it owned by any one particular group or culture. The culturally distinct rituals, however, DO belong to the cultures from which they arose... and from peoples who have fought long and hard to protect them. The key then, becomes recognizing, honouring, and teaching this difference... as well as how to engage with indigenous wisdom when it is shared.

We do practice and ocasionally teach some culturally specific rituals. In each instance, these practices were passed to us by someone connected to and recognized within the culture who has been given the authority to do so... and who has subsequently granted us permission to do so. This makes a BIG difference.

However, these rituals comprise a very small portion of what we do. On a larger scale, we focus far more on the CORE of Shamanic healing as it has existed around the world... as well as the ancient indo-european practices of our genetic ancestors. When you think Celts...  Vikings... Druids... Avalon... Apalachain Wise Women... all of these people practiced varying forms of very similar shamanism that relies on anism, earth-based spirituality, and spirutal connection. Many of which, you will find bear a shocking resemblance to the 'shamanic' practices you may be familiar with.

Whoever your ancient ancesotrs were, they WERE Shamans and Healers. And while it takes more work to reconnect with their lost forms of shamanism, it's ALWAYS well worth the effort. Because these culturally connected practices give us a doorway to connect with Shamanism in a non-appropriative way that is deeply embedded in and connected to your DNA, your lineage, and your healing.

What Shamanic Techniques Do You Teach?

This is a layered question, as many of the techniques we teach can only truly be grasped through personal experience. But, below you can find a small list of the most common/familiar practices that we incorporate.

Shamanic Journey - We utilize shamanic trance for healing and answer seeking, as both a meditative practice and a an active relational experience, to move beyond the veil and interact with the physical world.

Elemental Magic - We recognize the elements as archetypal powers and as living spirits, calling on them in an array of forms to assist with ritual, ceremony, and day to day life. The Medicine Wheel is ONE of the ways we have been taught, but only one.

Energy Work - We recognize that the visible physical realm is only one layer of our reality. And as such, we rely on a range of energetic techniques to address healing and interacting with the subtle layers of our realms. Reiki is one technique, but there are many... some with long forgotten names.

Soul Retrieval - The reclaiming of one's self is integral to the healing journey. There are many ways in which this can happen, some of which are entirely spontaeneous. However, we teach a simple and reliable method that is applicable to our modern lives.

Plant Medicine - We utilize a range of medicines and medicine ceremonies to address the deepest and most intense areas of healing. Some of these are culturally gifted, some are ancenstrally directed, others are simply ecologically provided by the land around us. But each is powerful, special, and uniquely healing. Herbalism is a subtle magick that is suffuse through our animistic practice.

These are only a few of the most recognizable practices we utilize. There are many others which are far more subtle and difficult to put into text... and many that overlap in various ways with the broad descriptions given above. Each practice is unique and deeply sourced with divine guidance and loving devotion.



What Medicines Do You Work With?

Well, that depends on how you define medicine. I suppose, what you really want to know is if we offer Ayahuasca... which we don't. But the use of Plant Medicine goes much deeper and farther than you may realize.

Firstly, nearly everything we do is tied to Plant Medicine in some way. The herbs we use in our curated meals, the 'holy waters' we use for cleansing, the smoke blends that we apply in ceremony... all of these are their own Plant Medicine. And we are careful in our sourcing and crafting of each and every one - many of which are cultivated or wildcrafted directly from the land we live on.

But, to get more to the point, we also incorporate more traditional ceremonial medicines as part of our rituals and healings, such as:

Cacao - cacao is a ceremonial medicine derived from the coco bean in it's purest form. It is a deeply loving, heart opening, and euphoric medicine that unites you with the heart of Mother Earth; opening your heart chakra and elevating your creative consciousness with a feeling of expansive and ecstatic connection.

Kambo - Kambo is a traditional healing ritual that calls on the medicine of giant monkey tree frog to induce a multi-level purification process that  detoxifies and reboots the immune system, releases stagnant emotions, and eradicates negative energy held within your body.

Hapè - Hapè is a medicinal snuff used widely in the amazon for a range of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Different varieties have different uses... from openning the heart, to reducing migraines, to making you invisible to dark energy.

Yopo - Yopo is a specific type of Hapè with visionary qualities that is particularly powerful when taken in ceremony. (It's also legal in every state except for Louisiana... don't ask me why.)

Los Niños - Niños are a wild-growing fungus native to all of the Americas, with potent curative properties for the mind, body, and spirit. When taken medicinally, Los Niños induce a deeply introspective healing process that effects every level of your being.

Sananga - Sananga is a unique and powerful healing ally that is applied as eye drops. Shaman's in the amazon insist that Sanaga will heal any and all ocular disorders, as well as increase night-vision, cleanse negative energy, increase good luck, and awaken a person's spiritual insight and vision.

Osha - Also called Lovage or Bear Medicine, Osha is an amazing American medicine that calls on the light and elevations of our sacred moutnains for blessing and protection both physically and energetically. By activating our higher heart, Osha allows us to connect deeply, with out attachment or codependence. It is a beautiful, lifting, and loving medicine that is amazing in or out of ceremony.

Mapacho - Mapacho is a wild sacred tobacco that is used for it's cleansing and grounding properties. Used to 'blow away' heavy or stagnant energies as well as carry out prayers to the ears of Spirit. As a grandfather medicine, Mapacho brings a uniquely compassionate and balancing masculine energy into ceremony.

These represent a small fraction of the medicines we use, but are an integral part of our ceremonies.


Who Are Your Elders?

We have been abundantly blessed to work with a number of Wise Women, Medicine Men, and Wisdom Keepers from a range of tribes, backgrounds, and practices... each of whom has provided a small piece of what has become our core approach and teachings. We give direct thanks and recognition to: Joe Turner (Ojibwe medicine man), Gwilda Wiyaka (Shaman), Bendis Quarry (Bandrui Priestess), Victor Escobar (Kambo shaman and guide), Neal Henegar (Kambo Practitioner), Sangeet Khalsa (Reiki Master), Ted Silverhand (Tuscarora Sagarissa Seer)... with notable gratitude to Alberto Villoldo, Sandra Ingerman, Ted Andrews, Terrence Mckenna, and Michael Harner for their work and contributions to the movement of global shamanism at large.


About The Meehl Foundation




The Meehl Foundation is a non-profit 501(c )(3). 100% of all sales and proceeds are applied to program funding and development. Mark & Debra Meehl receive NO compensation from tuition, purchases, or donations. These services provided are a labor of love.

Two Locations

Situated on the scenic Gulf Coast, The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center is a beautiful, sprawling home situated on a vortex of intense healing energy. Two full acres complete the magnificent grounds; safe and secure with plenty of sleeping accommodations, rest room facilities, comfortable indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, a covered patio,  a labyrinth, and a powerful medicine wheel. 

The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center

Brazoria, Texas, USA


Three large bell tents are provided for luxury "glamping" in addition to the houses three guest rooms. All tents are air conditioned and furnished with sturdy air mattresses, quality 600 thread-count sheets and down-alternative hypoallergenic pillows for a comfortable and stylish stay.

There is also a small library with space for meditation, a stone patio/pergola with a firepit, a garden, a labyrinth and one of the only functioning medicine wheels on the Gulf Coast.

Nutrition and Life Style

Nourishing the body/soul by sharing a meal is an essential part of any gathering at the Center, with food thoughtfully prepared with healing ingredients for the mind, body, and spirit.

All our meals are carefully curated to be spiritually medicinal, as well as gluten free, sugar free, and brain-healhty with vegetarian and vegan options available upon request.

Additionally, we encourage our participants to honour their bodies with a lifestyle that is both heathily active, meditative, peaceful, restful when necessary, and personally fulfilling. To that end we offer plenty of resources for personal exploration and mindful meditation, as well as yoga, massage,  and other healing services for the physical vessel of your being.

What other activities are available?

In addition to the techniques listed above, which constitute the meat of our program, we also offer auxiliary activities and services to support your healing journey, including:
Guided meditation, drum circles, medicine bag making, totemic magic, sound baths/healing sessions, reiki, yoga, massage, craniosacral therapy, EFT, hypnosis, spiritual baths/cleansing, energetic upgrades and realignment, intuitive readings, and one-on-one ceremonies/coaching, and herbal medicine making.

About Debra Meehl

I believe that nothing happens by accident.  So when I was born into a family where my mother was an only child and I was an only child. I would discover why I was, “to walk alone” as a Native American Seer told me. My DNA confirms that half of my ancestors traveled on the Mayflower and half crossed the Barring Straight from Russia.  The only reason this matters is the confirmation of the dreams and visions I have always had.  It also helps those who need to tell me that I, “don’t look like a Shaman or Native American.”

When I met and married my soul mate – Mark – In 1999 , my life was changed in the blink of an eye.  He was diagnosed a year after we were married with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD.  I went from being a Paramedic trained in Psychological Emergencies to an Ordained Minister trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  Several years after, I would be trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and many years later as a Shaman.

Leading those willing to Soul retrieval, totem animals and the removal of dark energy (negative entities) was my where the God/Divine of my understanding has always called me.  For years I had no label for what I did.  How I “stood in the gap” for people and called in healing for them or how I could lead them to “find the missing pieces of their soul” that they had lost during trauma or fear.  At the time there was no manual, God/Goddess led me every step of the way. With few teachers I was dependent on tapping into Divine mind and living with “God is my source and supply”.   To say that my third eye is open and that I have Clair-cognition is an understatement, when I am dealing with my clients.

Allowing yourself to be a vessel for others healing is an honor, but not an easy path.  My unwillingness and attachment to the outcomes of situations has made it very difficult at times. There are life skills that can be taught to help with this, many are Zen-like principles that have been taught for thousands of years in the tribes that we no longer belong to.  These are the principles along with Soul level healing that change people’s lives, as they have changed mine.  There is no person or group of “elders” or tribe that can “confirm” your Shamanism no matter what others tell you.  The Spirit calls you to this way of life, and believe me when I tell you.   It is a way of life!


About Kristin Smith

I am a multi-generational intuitive, an ordained priestess, intercultural shaman, certified professional life coach, published author, and avid mythological omnivore. I have extensively studied Dianic Wicca, World Shamanism, Hoodoo, Feri, Druidry, Pillar Seiðr, traditional witchcraft, American folk magic and medicine, and Herbalism. And I am currently working toward a Doctorate of Ministry. All to better walk the path of healing with a true priestess’ heart.

I use my lifetime of studies to help other people take control and change their lives... for the better. It's not always pretty, and it's not always clean, but it IS the single most fulfilling thing I can imagine doing.

I am a lover of culture, religion, ritual, and learning. I believe in bare feet, nature, and magic; in drumming and dancing and bare skin kissed by fire and moonlight. I believe that healing is found in the ecstasy of spirit and achieved through shadow work, soul retrieval, and deep transformation. I believe that life can be shaped to by will and intention. I believe in feeling life deeply and embracing her fully and that is exactly what I help clients achieve by doing the work that needs to be done. Because I also believe in YOU.

Don’t let the sweet smile and doe eyes fool you. I have a sordid love affair with the deep and heavy transformational work that makes other healers cringe. I may love quality tea, snuggly beds, and beautiful words as much  as the next person (okay, probably more), but this work – this bright and beautiful, dark and gritty work – is my passion.

I put my heart and soul - my blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes literally) – into defining a NEW way of healing…something never before seen in the Western world’s model of medicine: a system that embraces and honours the spirit as well as the body, empowering each and every person I work with to step into the fullness of their own divine power as a priest/ess of their own life and their own deep (and deeply personal) spirituality; a new paradigm and a new program for teaching wholistic spiritual healing on a SOUL level.


For a full list of all our talented facilitators, check out our Team page!

What Others Say

“I was empowered to save myself.”

All I knew when I decided to come to the Meehl Foundation was that I was tired of being depressed and I was looking for someone to save me. Little did I know, I would instead be empowered to save myself.


"Kristin is inspiring!"

I really love her beautiful positivity and awesome amazing words.

- Rose Oliverez

"Wonderful service, wonderful people."

It was very profound and transformative experience. if you are interested in healing, you will not be disappointed!

- Galina Thomas

"Deb and Kristen explained every step of the way and made me feel very comfortable."


What I experienced was something I have never felt before and honestly don’t know how to put in words. For lack of words, it’s was euphoric!! After being told that I was supposedly “bipolar” I felt like a person again!

I enjoyed the kambo so much, that a few days later I had a second session and a reiki done!

- Sierra Harris

"The endearing people behind this foundation are saving lives. Literally."


They have helped me into light. I found my soul pieces and am totally feeling the new vibrations of warmth like a hug of divine white light.

If you are feeling called to go, just do it. ALL of the members of the Meehl Foundation Family are truly each unique and so special. And everyone there is very precious. To be in an environment with such people can only be of great value to your life. Just go in with an open heart and an open mind and go all in. It's safe and you are guided on a journey that you won't forget.
What would I recommend about the Meehl Foundation? Everything...

- Karen Meyer

"Thank you."

I’m so grateful for the Soul Retreaval Retreat I was able to attend recently. I truly learned a lot about myself and I was blessed to meet new friends who genuinely care about the good of all. So much love, it felt like family.

- Anita Kief

“Deb is wise, insightful.”


Deb is wise, insightful, and straightforward. She cuts through the nonsense and gets straight to the core of you and the problem.


"Looking forward to my next session!"

Had an amazing Past Life Regression session with Debra today. Excited for more expansion and growth. Debra was gentle, caring and experienced. I highly recommend her services.

- Tammy Winnerstrom

"I feel human again."

For the first time since my diagnosis, I don't have to brace for the pain when I wake up. It's just GONE... and I'm beyond words.

- S.C.

"As the phoenix rises from the ashes, so have I..."


I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in December 2015. And after attending the Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat, I experienced one of the most amazing events of my 64 years on this earth plane. I have succeeded and am now in REMISSION!

The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center is a beautiful place.  Magnificent grounds, safe, secure with plenty of sleeping accommodations, rest room facilities, covered patio… even a labyrinth and medicine wheel! Every meal served by an amazing cook! Debra Meehl and her family provided such an amazing event and met all the needs of those who attended.

I departed with a new appreciation for all the wisdom shared.  My journey as a healer will now be enlightened by all the love and knowledge I gained from this retreat.  I may have entered as a stranger, but, I left with a whole new “tribe” of Shamanic Sisters and a greater appreciation for what we can achieve when we step into healing.

Thank you, Universe! And thank you, Meehl Foundation!!

~ Marilyn Dunlap

"For the first time in a long time I can live a fully happy life!"


Kambo eases my R.A. better than anything else I've experienced. It's been three months, and I'm still pain free!


Not quite sure? It's okay, let's talk: