7 Easy Ways to Flip Negatives to Positives

Unfortunately, negative energy is all around.  It can bring you down, create limitation and emotional seclusion. Sometimes, all you have to do is walk into a space and absorb the previous energy from someone else without even knowing it. Although, there is good news, you can flip it to positive energy, by using DBT to change your thinking

So before, we get into the tips, remember- in order to create a positive space in your life, pay attention( be mindful)  to the energy you give off and what kind of energy you are excepting from others.  With this in mind, let’s get into the 7 ways you will experience a brighter, more joyful life by removing the negative energy and creating positive energy.

  • Choose who you spend time with, wisely.

Be mindful of who you are spending time with. Are they exuding negative, fearful or doubtful energy?  During conversations, does the words “I can’t”, “never”, and common woe–is-me, type phases used often? Do they always play the victim?   Do you feel drained or happy when you are hanging around together? These are just a few simple questions to ask yourself when you are looking to make positive changes.  If the answers are yes, then reexamine the company you keep!

  • Keep company with those who ARE Positive.

This is an obvious one, especially, considering number 1. Although, reiterating this point is important here, as surrounding yourself with positive people is critical to keeping a personal positive outlook. If you want to be a Master hang out with Masters!

  • Think positive.

This requires, being aware of your thoughts, create gratitude lists, use positive affirmations and carefully choose your reactions.  Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This habit takes some practice; however, it is possible and effective!  You must be mindful of “automatic Negative Thinking or (ANTS).  DBT changes your thinking.

  • Meditate on just being.

When we relax and just be, our innate good is understood. Thus, we breathe in and out the positive truth of who we are.  In those moments of sitting with our true-self, how could we create an untruth, like negativity? We at the MEEHL Foundation, have stressed the importance of this technique a number of times. If you are interested in learning more read our earlier blog on mindfulness and meditation.

  • Remove complaining from your daily routine.

It’s a fact, we complain. Most humans do, especially in the Western world. Oddly enough, it often times seems that the more we have the more we complain. For this reason, we strongly recommend keeping a gratitude list. For example, when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed write a quick list of 10 things you are grateful for that day.  10 things can sound like a lot, but what you get writing, you would be how surprised how many more you could write. Douglas Vermeeren wrote, “Gratitude is closely related to the energy of creation. When we focus on gratitude, everything positive begins to grow and expand.”

  • Stop saying “but…” or “can’t”.

In number 1, we asked that you remove yourself from situations and people that surround themselves and you with negativity. Again, we would like to emphasis the danger of those words. It only seems fair that if we ask you to those terms from your surroundings than it is imperative that you remove them from your own vocabulary and mindset. Have you ever said something like, “I wish I could be a [insert profession] but…”? “But…” what? Sadly, this usually is followed up with a, “but… I can’t.”  Remove these words and please stop being your own worst enemy.

  • Be a positive example.

Sometimes you’re not going to feel like being super positive or bubbly. Do you know what’s great for that? Try offering someone else a positive outlook. Helping others by giving positive energy, love or a smile – transforms your own heart. That’s why giving to others is so beautiful, one person isn’t the only recipient. The giver, the given, the people witnessing the giving are all positively affected by the gesture. Pass out positivity, even when you’re not in the mood, and you will see how quickly you get in the mood!

There you have it 7 ways to flip negatives to positives. Just like mediation, choosing the right thoughts, even plain happiness is a habit. DBT therpay changes your thinking.   The great thing about that is… habits are formed quickly! Meaning, consider and practice these techniques, and you can and will create positive habits! Sounds simple? Fortunately, it is. As always, remember, you are valuable, capable, and deserving of a positive life; because you are created by the Universal Energy. Thus, you have same beautiful qualities within you.  Let the core of you shine through.  All you have to do- be your true authentic self!