Law of Attraction


The law of attraction is the action of brining into your life the things you think about the most. The idea is that if you think about all the things that you do not

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What Is DBT


So exactly what is DBT? DBT is dialectical behavioral therapy, which is an intensive program that helps clients to attain and maintain a life worth living. Creating a life worth living is done through

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Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Free E-Book


Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment: Breaking the Cycle of Suffering E-book Download Page Imagine What it Would Mean if… • You could get out of emotional mind and not be triggered? • If you could

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Which State of Mind Do You Choose?


What are the three states of mind and what do they mean? The three states of mind are emotional mind, rational mind, and wise mind. These states of mind are important because individuals can

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DBT Pain and Suffering


DBT Pain and Suffering Throughout  DBT pain and suffering are substantially important themes. Within the constructs of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT treatment) one goal is for individuals to accept the pain and move from

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