Pain and Pleasure


LFrom a very young age we are taught a very specific understanding of behavior; of what is socially acceptable, and what is not, and the consequences thereof – specifically pain and pleasure. When we

Pain and Pleasure2017-03-20T14:06:30-05:00

DBT Treatment and Self-Worth


LBeing worthy isn’t something that we have to earn in this life time, it’s something we are inherently born with. How so? Well, if you weren’t born worthy of living, you weren’t be existing

DBT Treatment and Self-Worth2017-03-20T14:06:22-05:00

Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships


LDo you love a person diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you exhausted by the emotional roller coaster ride? Are you tired of the conflict, confusion and mood changes? Do you feel discouraged and

Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships2017-03-20T14:03:26-05:00
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