DBT Awareness


DBT Awareness As you sit here and read this article, what else are you thinking about?  Dinner plans?  To do list?  Worrying over finances?   Relationships?  We all do it.  We are sitting present, but

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DBT Changes Your Thinking, Changes Your Life


DBT Changes Your Thinking, Change your Life I’m sure we can all relate to wanting to change our life in some way. Knowing that, the Meehl Foundation’s Intensively Trained DBT Team are always looking

DBT Changes Your Thinking, Changes Your Life2024-06-17T15:04:57-05:00

DBT Mindfulness Activities


Silence prepares the mind to begin to hear what is whispered. Silence allows the experience of sensing the words without hearing the words. It is a gift to learn to appreciate and enjoy the

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Borderline Personality Disorder Identity Crisis


Borderline Personality Disorder Identity Crisis Are you living in peace, love, with a personal sense of clarity and Identity? If the answer is no, good news - the Meehl foundation is here is offer

Borderline Personality Disorder Identity Crisis2024-06-17T15:08:39-05:00
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