Mindfulness in DBT


Mindfulness is a concept that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years among mental health professionals, and with good reason. It has been found to help in a variety of situations and

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Radical Acceptance


We all deal with bad situations in our lives. Unavoidably, we deal with loss, diseases, misfortunes, and many other difficulties that are not always within our control. Often, the situation we have in front

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I wake in the morning and look at the clock, most of the times unhappy about the number of hours I slept. I try to sleep eight hours every day, if I sleep less,


The Science of Magic Interview with Gwilda Wiyaka


Debra Meehl, co-author of Joyful Transformation: 22 Keys to Reclaiming Your Authenticity. She is an educator and author who established and manages the Meehl Foundation. Debra is an interdenominational pastoral counselor with a Doctorate of

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