Alternative Healing Shaman Soul Retrieval


Soul retrieval is a recognition of this loss that recalls all the shattered and orphaned pieces of your soul By embarking on a journey of soul retrieval, you lay claim to the lost, missing,

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Soul Loss and Demons


  Soul Loss and Demons As I write the piece the picture is in full view on my computer screen.  The picture of the Demon I find disturbing and at the same time I

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Women Shamans


shamanic Healing You are the result of a thousand, loves. You are the reflection of a thousand, thousand faces. How many people had to walk this Earth just so that

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Shamanic Healing-Woman and Trauma


plant medicine   You come from a legacy of survival, of innovation, of evolution, and of deep medicine. Your DNA is imprinted with the memories of your ancestors. Your body and soul remember their

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Shamanic Retreat Healing the wounds of the past


Ancestor Healing There is much talk of ancestral wounding, of our cells carrying the trauma of our ancestors. And they do. But people forget that our body carries their healing, too. You are

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Shamanic Retreat Ancestor Healing


See how interesting the number of our ancestors: Parents: 2 Grandparents: 4 Great Grandparents: 8 Trisavós: 16 Tetravós: 32 Pentavós: 64 Hexavós: 128 Heptavós: 256 Octavós: 512 Eneavós: 1024 Decavós: 2048 In

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Shamanic Retreat Ancestor weekend


The old healer to the soul: It's not your back that hurts, but the burden. (of your ancestor's pain) It's not your eyes that hurt, but injustice. (of our people) It's not your head

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Shamanic Healing-Everything is Medicine


plant medicine   Everything is medicine. And so are you. There is a spirit of deep wisdom buried within you that holds the power to heal this brokenness. You

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