Kambo Treatment: The How, Why, And Everything In Between


Kambo Treatment       Alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular and people are excited about trying out remedies from exotic places. Kambo is one of these treatments but is unique in its origin

Kambo Treatment: The How, Why, And Everything In Between2024-06-17T13:51:32-05:00

Kambo for Addiction


Kambo Treatment For many who have heard of this practice, you know that it is spiritual as well as medicinal. Kambo treatment purges the mind and body of its toxins and toxic energy. The

Kambo for Addiction2019-12-12T15:49:46-06:00

Kambo Ceremony


Kambo Treatment History of Kambo Ceremony: Each tribe has its own legend or story about how they came to use Kambo. The most prevalent legend comes from Brazil. This Kaxinawá legend tells that the

Kambo Ceremony2019-12-12T15:47:49-06:00
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