Cacao Cermonies


plant medicine   I’m very sure what comes first to your mind when you see cacao is chocolate, and, to a degree you are right but only mostly. If you go to cacao ceremony

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Soul Retrieval


Soul Retrieval   Countless numbers of theologians, philosophers, sages, and scholars have tried to give a befitting description and definition to the soul. Many definitions make it impossible to describe the soul as an

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Shamanic Healing with Plant Medicine


plant medicine   Healing has always been a necessity for man. Because of this universal need, several healing methods have been known to man from time immemorial. Yet, specific procedures – many of which

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What Is Kambo Treatment?


Kambo Treatment   For many years, healing has been one of man's most sought after processes. The need to spring back to life has been essential from time immemorial. There have been many different

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What Is Kambo?


Kambo Treatment   Kambo is the name given to the poisonous skin secretions of the Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor). This Amazonian creature is revered by local tribes for its cleansing and healing powers.

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Shamanic Healing with Soul Retrieval


shamanic Healing As a result of work stress, mental stress, daily stress in general, pain, and other forms of lives anxiety, which has and is still affecting many people

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