Magic Mushrooms Safer Than Ayahuasca


plant medicine There has been a lot of interests in “magic mushrooms” (also known as psilocybin mushrooms) and ayahuasca. A common misconception is that these two function in very similar ways, and therefore there

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Shamanic Healing-Soul Loss


Shamanic Healing Soul retrieval or Soul Hunting is a shamanic form of therapy designed to find and bring back the lost parts of a person's soul. Many ancient cultures worldwide believed that sickness and

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Plant Medicine-Psilocybin mushrooms


plant medicine-psilocybin mushrooms        Psilocybin mushrooms have been part of the human culture for as long as 5000BC, people in the ancient times have tapped into the amazing properties of this plants to improve their

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Kambo Ceremony Texas


Frog medicine Kambo is that waxy secretion found in a tree frog and often referred to as “Vaccine of the forest”. It can be regarded as one of the most effective natural analgesics and antibiotics

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Plant Medicine-Magic Mushrooms


Magic mushrooms contain a compound referred to as psilocybin that, when ingested, becomes psilocin. This chemical activates serotonin receptors in your brain, triggering vivid hallucinations, a way of elation, and changes in your perception of

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Free Kambo Ebook


Free Kambo Ebook Kambo Treatment Shamanic Healing Kambo Houston

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Psychedelic Mushrooms-Ayahausca of Todays’ Woman


plant medicine Both mushrooms and ayahuasca have been garnering a lot more attention, but what do these substances accomplish? As more women become interested in both psilocybin and ayahuasca, it is important to break down

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Mushrooms vs Ayahuasca: Pharmaceutical Interactions


plant medicine Plant-based medicine can be beneficial to you holistically, but it’s essential to consider any drugs that you may already be taking and how they will combine with the mushrooms or ayahuasca. You want

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Cacao Ceremony -Heart Chakra


There's a reason why chocolates and hearts go together in modern culture. The main ingredient in chocolate - Cacao, is a plant medicine for both the physical heart and the heart chakra. It's used in

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Kambo-Kambo Treatment


What is kambo? Kambo Treatment Kambo is a venom that the large monkey frog secretes, and it called the vaccine of the Amazon.  Kmabo is considered an Alternative Medicine here in the United States, but

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