Cacao Ceremony – Connecting Women


  Chocolate is a popular type of sweets but you will be surprised to know that during history it has been consumed for its healing properties. Since 460 AD cocoa beans were used to

Cacao Ceremony – Connecting Women2024-06-17T12:30:22-05:00

Shamanism – Cave of Ancestors


  Some of the earliest forms of art have been found on the walls of the caves where prehistoric man painted what seem to be the scenes from his "daily life". At least that's

Shamanism – Cave of Ancestors2024-06-17T12:30:58-05:00

Shamanism-Shamanic Healing


Shamanism   Shamanic Healing   Shamanic healing has been a centuries-old practice, but more recently, it has increasingly gained traction in public awareness - especially its use for soul loss. Most people think that

Shamanism-Shamanic Healing2024-06-17T12:31:31-05:00
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