Psilocybin Magic Shrooms


PSILOCYBIN- Magic SHROOMS   Psilocybin Use There are two major ways of using psilocybin magic shrooms; Eating: eating the fresh mushroom can be an ordeal due to its non-palatable taste, they can, however, be dried

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Psilocybin for Recovery of PSTD


Psilocybin PTSD Recovery The 21st Century has seen the most prolific increase in mental health disorders. Adult men and women and even teenagers are finding themselves as victims of many major mental health disorders

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Psilocybin for the Mystical Experience


Do you think that mystical experiences are for a reserved group? Have you ever thought that altered states of mind could happen to you too? Who are you? Why are you here? The answers

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Psychedelic Mushrooms for PTSD Veterans


Psychedelic Mushrooms for PTSD Veterans Psychedelics comprises plant medicines like Ayahuasca (a tea containing DMT-N, N-dimethyltryptamine, and a monoamine oxidase inhibitor), psilocybin which is the active ingredient of magic mushrooms, and other laboratory products

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Women Shamans are Equally for Men


For a long time, women have permanently been excluded in male-dominated environments. Spiritual healing and divine calling were a prerogative of the male species because women were considered a fragile and spiritually weak constituency.

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