Soul Retrieval


  Soul Retrieval Contrary to popular opinion, the soul can suffer trauma, and it will need healing and self-care to remedy the damages. Soul retrieval varies across cultures to maintain a healthy balance between

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Psilocybin for Drug Addiction


Psilocybin for Drug Addiction Addiction is a harmful condition in which the brain develops an obsession with compulsive substance use. These substances trigger certain hormones and chemicals in your brain which offer you temporary

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What to Expect After Soul Retrieval


  What To Expect After Soul Retrieval  The experience people have after a soul retrieval is purely specific to a person, the medicine guides the experience to exactly what you need. However, the most

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Psilocybin the Holy Sacrament


Psilocybin the Holy Sacrament Different denominations apportion different meanings to the use of sacraments in their practices. Sacraments carry a significance, a symbol that underscores the reality of beliefs. From Rastafarians smoking marijuana to

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