See how interesting the number of our ancestors:
Parents: 2
Grandparents: 4
Great Grandparents: 8
Trisavós: 16
Tetravós: 32
Pentavós: 64
Hexavós: 128
Heptavós: 256
Octavós: 512
Eneavós: 1024
Decavós: 2048

In a total of 11 generations, 4094 ancestors …
All this in about 300 years before we were born!
Stop for a moment and think!
Where did they come from?
How many fights did they experience?
How hungry have they been?
How many wars?
How many vicissitudes have all our ancestors survived?
On the other hand, how much love, strength, joy, and encouragement have bequeathed us?
How much of their strength to survive, did each of them have within them so that, today, we are here, alive?
We only exist thanks to everything that each of them has gone through.
So bow down and revere your ancestors!
Have gratitude to all our ancestors, for, without them, each of us would not have the happiness to experience LIFE.

Artist credit Jeremy Enecio

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