You are the result of a thousand, loves. You are the reflection of a thousand, thousand faces. How many people had to walk this Earth just so that you can read this today? You are a child of providence; the product of a procession of ancestors… both of blood and of spirit… with lives just as rich and full and complex as yours, each leading up to your birth, to your life, to your awakening and your healing and your purpose.

Your body is borrowed from the dust of the dead; your breath on loan from the trees who stored it from past exhalations. Your essence is a continuation of past lives… each ebbing and flowing into the next in a perfect cycle of ordained order so that your life can be achieved in this moment.
How would you live differently if you remembered that in every moment and embodied it in every action? How would you choose to walk upon this earth if you KNEW that in everything you do, you are a reflection of your ancestors and an example for your grandchildren?

Your ancestors understand what needs to be known. They’ve already learned how to heal, how to use the gifts of your people to better your life and your world. Your ancestors learned the deep, simple truths, ancient wisdom, and sacred medicines of this life. And they passed that onto you in your blood, your bones, your body, your eyes, your smile, your heart. In every cell of your body, you carry the medicine of a thousand generations worth of healing. Isn’t it high time you awoke to its truest potential? 

Awaken your inner Shaman

She is your ancient self, the one who harmonizes Spirit and Body, the one who bridges Heaven and Earth, the part of you who carries the wisdom of a thousand generations of healers and can understand the medicine of a thing with a single glance. She is the part of you so deeply connected to nature that beauty walks before you and behind you… surrounding you everywhere you go so that every step and every breath become like sacred prayers to the divine that dwells within you. Awaken her from her dream, coax her forward from that deep hiding place within you. Call her into being and body, in the wisdom and presence of those who have come before.
That ringing in your ears… that’s the voice of a thousand ancestors calling out from within you… crying out through the beat of your heart, the sigh of your breath, and the rushing of THEIR blood through YOUR veins. You are being called to Shamanic healing. Which is the core of Shamanism