Soul Loss and Demons

As I write the piece the picture is in full view on my computer screen.  The picture of the Demon I find disturbing and at the same time I am not judgmental about it.  Broken families, addiction, depression, loss, and survival are nothing new.  They are what happens in when we are not in the light and are not protected by the light of the Divine. As I see the darkness sucking the essence out of the women, I can feel her clearly.  I know her personally.  The heartache, the death, and the abandonment are most clear.  We loss soul pieces when our vital essence separates from us so that we can escape the full impact of the pain.  The destruction that follows is dark, cyclic and symptomatic.  It then looks like addiction, broken families, sadness, depression, and even suicide.  Your friends only know you as that person.  New friends don’t come easily, and there is a deep longing for a connection that you cannot seem to make.  But you keep searching.  This is truly a “dark night of the soul” most do not wish to speak of.

The reality of this world, in this time and space, is not utopia.  You and I did not choose Utopia.  We chose this world at this time, and we have lessons to learn.  Teachers will come to us, and we will be given the opportunity to shed our skin and become something new.  It is a scary time but we are survivors.  The only thing that holds us back is our fear and our unwillingness.  Once we surrender to the light of our understanding nothing can stop our completion and success.  And that transformation gets easier and easier.   As I stand in the South and I call the element of fire I ask for my lessons to be gentle and easy, something that I did not know was possible when I was living with heartache, death, and abandonment.  I had to be taught this was possible and that my Creator loved me enough to grant this request.  When you are covered in darkness you have no idea or concept that this request of light is even possible.

Soul loss is a missing piece of you.  It is a hole in your soul.  It is a room that is clean swept and empty.  Darkness loves a vacuum of empty. Darkness is not to be blamed.  Darkness is only following its true nature.  When you can clearly see this you can CHOOSE to not take it personally.    You can CHOOSE to be empowered and you can CHOOSE to step fully into gratitude and grace.  This does not mean you sit on your hands and do nothing.  Darkness can be rebuked and the light returned.

The trauma and subsequent darkness that you have experienced is thousands of years old, your story is not new.  Shamans and medicine people have been healing such darkness and events for thousands of years.  Many people spend years in therapy and self-help groups trying to “find” the missing part of us that bring back our vitality and essence only to feel like failures.  Soul loss is the shamanic belief that part of your life-energy can split off and become lost in nonordinary reality, that is why they preform soul retrieval which is the core of shamanism.  When this happens you no longer can experience the sacred connection to life.  Life seems dull and hopeless,  leaving you feeling incomplete and empty.

Some traditional therapy brings back the pieces that are “available” to us but what about the parts that are missing or hiding from us.  How do we find them?  Soul Retrieval and dark energy detachment is the answer.   For the Shaman, where the missing pieces go are of most important.  They live in a parallel existence in nonordinary worlds of the unconscious mind and they remain hiding until it is safe to come home.  Shamans are the guides that led them home.


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