psilocybin for PTSD

Psilocybin PTSD Recovery

The 21st Century has seen the most prolific increase in mental health disorders. Adult men and women and even teenagers are finding themselves as victims of many major mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and severe stress. Trauma and guilt are, more often than not, the major causes of such diseases.

PTSD–Mental Disorder In War Veterans

PTSD, particularly, is the direct result of a severe traumatic event or incident that scars the victim for a lifetime. It is, mostly, prevalent in war veterans, soldiers, and heroes who have seen many traumatic events on the battlefield such as the deaths of their comrades. These people also experience severe bodily harm and many injuries that result in extreme fear of ever stepping out on the battlefield again. These traumatic memories continue to haunt them forever unless they are treated.

Crippling Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder and it is very widespread among today’s generation. Almost everyone, nowadays, is a victim of it. Although mild anxiety happens to everybody as it is our biological instinct, severe anxiety is a proper mental disease and it is necessary to treat it properly. Crippling anxiety has many different causes. These include a severely traumatic event in one’s life, imbalance of hormones in the brain, low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness.

Depression And Its Effects

Even though depression is mostly said to occur due to chemical effects in the brain, it is fair to say that severe trauma and guilt play a very big role. Most depressed people have too much negativity going on in their lives which forces them into such a terrible and miserable mental state. With depression, this negativity is often aggravated further and this whole cycle turns into a horrendous feedback loop. This is the ultimate reason why depression causes so many suicides.

Depressed people are not able to see any light at the end of the tunnel. This means that they lose hope entirely. Only darkness and despair surround and cloud their minds. This is why it is very important to seek professional help whenever you find yourself or your loved one in this sort of state.

Therapy Is Not The Cure

Whenever a mental health patient that is trying to overcome their sorrows, traumas, and guilts seeks a cure they are mostly always directed to take medication or therapy. While therapy can be sometimes beneficial, it often fails to be a true cure and source of relief.

The reason is that the traumatic memories and nightmares that reside deep within one’s mind are embedded far too deeply. Most people do not feel comfortable enough to talk about these feelings just because it hurts so much, even if they are sitting with a therapist who is meant to heal them. These haunting memories resurface whenever the victim tries to overcome them. And it is really difficult to do without some sort of outside help. This is why therapy alone is not a potent enough cure.

But on the other hand, only tampering with the chemicals of the brain is also not a solution. This means that medication is not the cure and there is plenty of evidence to suggest this. Most people report only temporary satisfaction after ingesting benzodiazepines and SSRIs. These medicines only numb the mind but they do not offer a true solution.

This is why so many people have started to look for other ways and methods as a cure after being disappointed by the available means. Some of them have been fortunate enough to find out psychedelics. Psychedelics such as psilocybin aka magic mushroom, LSD aka acid, and DMT are a potent and life-long cure for depression, trauma, and overcoming tragic memories as shown by some of the biggest trials conducted in medical research.

Psilocybin Retreat

Psilocybin, aka Magic Mushrooms, is a potent hallucinogenic mind-altering drug that intoxicates the ingested. This takes the user into a creative world of imagination and dreams and the physical world suddenly appears to become boundless. Psilocybin frees up the mind of the survivor taking them to a place shamans call lower world. The mind of the participant displays several different memories and emotions as visual objects that the participant observes. He is able to view these memories as something that can be healed and worked upon. This is the process is the true healing of the soul.


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The archetypical demons of a person’s deepest feelings are surfaced on a psychedelic trip. And as the participants moves through his own mind he must look at these metaphors and make peace with them and, then, ultimately vanquish them. These demons are the events of sexual traumas, guilts, and sorrows that the mind of the participant has built up.

During a psychedelic trip, the participant might experience many novel things. These include fractal geometry shapes, prolonged sense of time flow, altering of visual perception, an absolute absence of anxiety and social judgment, and a general feeling of euphoria and happiness.

Psilocybin Recovery

Magic Mushrooms offer a much better state of mind and significant healing and recovery. They induce intoxication in you that separates you from the physical world, and take you into a realm of your own mind that you get to explore. This is called a psychedelic trip. Victims of past traumas and grief are able to view to look behind these traumas and horrors and are able to work through those horrible feelings. During a trip, a person may travel to different dimensions in their mind and go through several layers of their mind so that they can find the root and the true cause of their trauma. This may occur in the form of hallucinations where one sees other-worldly objects and spiritual artifacts with fractal geometry such as colorful views of the world or sometimes distorted images of objects.

Under the influence of psilocybin, one’s mind experiences various intense moments to unveil the deeper thoughts within. Having a shaman by your side can help you safely travel through these thoughts so that you can recognize and fight your inner demons and ultimately emerge as a stronger individual. This type of process of healing is also known as shamanic healing.

Role Of A Shaman

The role of the shaman is very important in this healing process. He observes the participant as he makes his way into his mind. He spiritually guides the participant and supports him along the way so that he may, bravely, resurface those past traumas and collect the lost fragments of his soul. The shaman, then, collects the fragments of the victim’s soul and binds them together, mending his soul back to its previous, complete, and healthy form.

Mushroom Ceremonies

Psilocybin ceremonies invite like-minded people who wish to heal their past sexual or violent traumas, memories, and emotions. People who wish to dismantle their insecurities, navigate through their feelings and emerge as better human beings with an awakened sense of enlightenment and perception. People who wish to see clearly and to look at reality as it is and not with a lens of depression. These types of people are welcome at Psilocybin ceremonies.

These mushroom ceremonies provide the patients with the proper environment and support needed to safely go through their minds and overcome their guilts and sorrows. These ceremonies also have shamans and guides who provide you external support once you’re inside of your mind and lose physical awareness. They also take care if things go the wrong way, such as some patient undergoing a bad trip.


Decriminalization Of Psychedelics In Seattle, Washington

Since the decriminalization of psychedelic drugs in Seattle, Washington many new psilocybin communities have formed and begun to rise. Many shamans and experts have come forth who wish to guide you and heal you so that you may enjoy your life happily.

If you are someone who wishes to experiment with these wondrous drugs then you can find mushroom ceremonies all over Washington State. You can look them up online or consult with someone who has previous experience with this.

Final Thoughts

Psilocybin is an excellent healer of past traumas and recovery of mental health is entirely possible with it. All of your past traumas whether they be of any kind can be overcome if you go into a trip with an open and positive mindset. That said, it is important to be under the guidance of a shaman who can guide you when things go south. If you are someone who wishes to heal and recover from traumatic episodes of your past, it is a very good fruitful idea to look into psychedelic healing.


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