Soul retrieval is a recognition of this loss that recalls all the shattered and orphaned pieces of your soul

By embarking on a journey of soul retrieval, you lay claim to the lost, missing, and abandoned pieces of yourself. And in so doing, you begin to make sense of old wounds as well as the resulting triggers, patterns, and cycles of behavior previously controlling your life. You may even begin to see the purpose of that pain and recognize the light in that darkness.  Missing pieces of our souls are nothing new.  As I like to say, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Soul loss can occur in  Childhood trauma,  ancestral trauma, surgery, accident illness,  and the stress of combat.

Soul Retrieval for Soul Loss

are the vital essence that separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain.  Soul loss is experienced by your perception of an event, even if someone else would not have experience at the same level as you did.  When we come to a complete understanding of that loss of vital essence we then understand WHY we will never live a life of vitality and purpose with that missing pieces of ourselves.  How could we?

For years I was tormented by the contrast in my heart between what was possible and what was.  Many Christians call this, “the dark night of the soul”  Until my soul pieces were called back to me, through soul retrieval  and integrated, I was only functioning on about half of my intention and purpose.  My experience was a fall from Grace that I could not put into words, and no amount of claiming Jesus power to replace those pieces helped.   My empowerment was gone.  My ability to “feel” my connection to my creator and the god of my understanding was gone.

Many mental and physical illness start with soul loss.  For thousands of years, soul loss was acknowledged by Shamans and medicine people.  A physical or mental illness that could not be treated successfully was considered soul loss. was the answer then was soul retrieval .   Soul pieces that were retrieved by the Shaman produced, results that were considered miracles.  Western medicine and psychological services today and moving more toward a better understanding of what tribal medicine has known for thousands of years.

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