Have you ever taken the time to sit quietly and just think about the person you really are on the inside?

Too often we get so busy with life, there’s responsibilities, kids, work, tasks we have to finish – so much to do, so little time to do them. Who has time to sit and ponder about who and what we are here for?

This sounds like a time-wasting activity but in reality, it could be the one thing you could do to improve your life today. Let me explain…

It’s all too common to put ourselves off to the side to take care of life. But the issue with that is, when we’re not being our authentic self, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, sad, confused, stressed out, angry, even resentful – yes, while we lose ourselves our emotions seem to lose their balance too.

What does it mean to be our authentic self?

I think we really overcomplicate this question. It’s easy to get caught up in dissecting what this really means, but in my humble opinion, being authentic simply means that you’re making decisions based on what feels right to you. For me it stems directly from my gut instincts. If I feel like I should do something that’s important to me, I just do it. If I get a feeling that I should avoid a situation that would make my life unhappy, I avoid it. If I have a pressing urge, I listen to it – overall, my instincts are simply my inner self telling me what it truly wants.


Our Emotional Health Depends on Our Ability to Honor our Authenticity

As human beings, we were created by divine design – it’s no accident that we’re here on this earth. Each one of us has a unique gift or talent given to us by the universe. Each characteristic, flaw, instinct – all uniquely and meticulously crafted within us, in hopes that we seek out what our purpose is, and use it. We’re not here to fill up space or simply exist, we’re here to do and be something – it’s our job and duty to find out exactly what that is, and step into it unapologetically!

When we turn our backs on our authentic self, it causes an intense shift in emotions, and then onto the outside world. Have you ever ignored something you just knew you should do, say, or participate in? You felt really passionate about it, but for some reason you decided either you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or special enough, so you just let that moment pass you by?

Did you notice that when you said no, that the things in your life got harder, and that you actually felt badly? This is because you were ignoring your innermost self. When we go against that intense calling we’re breaking the rules of the universe in the truest sense.

Sadly, as time goes on, we simply get caught up in fixing everything that went wrong and become mindless about what’s causing our emotional and physical discord in the first place. In reality, we are creating our own problems, and wearing ourselves out trying to fix them, and when that happens – we simply lose track of time, and ourselves in the process.

How Do You Know What the Right Direction Is?

This is a great question! Listen, we all second-guess ourselves. It’s human nature to pick apart concepts, situations, difficulties, whatever it might be – the human mind does and probably always will find ways to create doubt and fear when it comes to something that calls us.

When dealing with something as serious as stepping into our authentic self to do something we’ve NEVER done before, these emotions are quite normal. Because our brain functions as a protector of our body, we will always feel uneasy, uncertain, or scared – which is actually great news for 2 reasons. The first… now that you know this, you can work through that self-doubt and proceed knowing this is simply a physiological response, not fact – and second, because it means we’re on to something BIG!

You see, when we feel uneasy it’s because we’re facing something we’ve never done or felt before. That’s really it – it’s not because we’re weak or incapable, it’s just new. New things can be scary sometimes, but we don’t have to allow that fear to dictate our future. In fact, it’s in our most fearful and uncertain moments that real transformation occurs – that is if you allow it of course. Most people turn away from this because it’s uncomfortable, but the key here is to question what your payoff is if you honor your fear. It’s usually not that great, and typically it’s just sticking to the same mundane feeling.

In order to really know what the right direction is, you must be mindful of your instincts. Your instincts are almost never wrong! However, there’s times where that instinctual moment is quiet and quick, we often miss it if we’re not paying close attention, so just be aware that sometimes our instincts aren’t this blaring obvious moment, it can be a 1-3 second moment in time that, if you aren’t paying attention, could be gone in a flash!

But don’t fret, if you miss that moment it’s ok, your emotions usually step in as a secondary percussion – if you feel uneasy, fearful, or unworthy, it’s usually the right path – this is where we battle ourselves and usually lose. In order to win this epic battle, we need to step thorough the uncomfortable and into our most authentic self. While these powerful emotions seem too much to bare at times, it’s temporary. No feeling is capable of lasting forever – just remember that. Walk on my friend… it gets easier!

Body, Mind, and Emotional Transformation

The benefits you get from living in your authenticity don’t stop at the internal level either, it’s proven that when we’re happy and living a life of purpose, that our body and mind transform too. This could mean weight loss, more energy, a light-heartedness in your day to day life, improved relationships, more resiliency to deal with life, increased problem solving, etc. I believe this is because when we’re living in our authenticity we don’t have to endure the constant emotional turmoil that comes with living outside of our purpose. This allows us to find joy and laughter much easier. When our mind and emotions are happy – well…our body is too. There’s something truly magical about doing what we were built to do, and it effects every cell in our body!

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