About Kristin Smith

Kristin is an ordained priestess, herbalist, and published author with an extensive background of spiritual and mythological studies. As a practicing witch and global educator, they funnel this lifetime of experience into defining a new paradigm for teaching holistic spiritual healing that empowers personal identity and lived experience with myth and metaphor to initiate deep, lasting transformation through living ritual.

Depression and Prayer


I recently received an enquiry from a close friend (we’ll call her Anna), whose regular therapist suggested she seek supplementary services. This is entirely normal, given my area of expertise, except that

Depression and Prayer2022-06-11T13:14:04-05:00

Everything is Medicine


Everything is medicine. And so are you. There is a spirit of deep wisdom buried within you that holds the power to heal this brokenness. You can change your name, you can change your story,

Everything is Medicine2022-06-11T12:59:57-05:00
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