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plant medicine

The raw Cacao beans gotten from the tree of Theobroma
(food of the gods) which can also be processed into chocolate is
referred to as cacao. But the cacao plant is known for its vast array of health
issues. Historically, cacao has been used for millennial by the ancestors of
Central and South America and later by the Aztecs and Mayas as a ” plant
medicine” it has also been used for ceremonial and spiritual purposes
because of its wide ranging health benefits.

The word ceremony simply means a gathering set to
commemorate, celebrate or a special series of acts performed in an established
or set manner according to custom. Traditionally, ceremony involves building a
sacred environment, creating an intention and allowing an efficacy process to
turn out around the intention created. It is very vital to create an intention
prior cacao ceremony to enhance creativity, effective meditation, create a
stronger connection with the divinity (God, Goddess, soul and lots more) and to
open ones heart to feel pain (worry, hardship, anger, woe, losses etc.). Cacao
helps to release these emotions, it allows more light, deeper and authentic
love for oneself, friends and the world as a whole.

Cacao Ceremonies Houston

Cacao ceremony typically involves a communal gathering with a sacred circle. It is also a Cacao cultivated according to traditional methods with the intention of being used in ceremony.

plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, magic mushroom, Shrooms,

plant medicine

When you consume a high quality raw cacao beans prepared for
ceremony, it enhances digestion, improve
blood flow, regulate the kidney leading
to increase in bowel function, It helps emaciated to recover and add weight and
it also increase the rate at which nutrient flows to the heart, brain, creating higher levels of
mental agility, awareness, and focus in the body. Ceremonial cacao retains its
healing chemical constituent while most cacao processed into chocolate in the
factory has lost most of its healing or beneficial constituent.

Health benefits of
ceremonial cacao

Cacao ceremonies are literally a kind of shamanic healing, it’s unmoving in serving to rebalance the energies among us and restore healthiness. It’s conjointly a beautiful time to offer ourselves mental and physical area and peace. You get to change off, and retreat inwards, serving to you to find out additional concerning yourself, and gain clarity on wherever you’re and wherever you’re headed. several cacao ceremonies can involve a bunch of individuals sitting during a sacred circle, taking prayer, and setting intentions to be received. everybody shares what they require to yield of, and what they’re line into their hearts.

One of the foremost utilized major minerals within the body
is Magnesium, is needed for energy production, biological process, and
metastasis. It contributes to the structural development of bone and is needed
for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and therefore the inhibitor glutathione. It
helps to relax all the muscles in the body and is thereby essential for the
effectiveness and vigor of the pumping of the heart muscle. Cacao is the
highest natural food supply of Magnesium

Cacao contains potassium, zinc, copper and phosphorous which contribute to cardiovascular health.

Cacao is a great source of monounsaturated fat,
cholesterol-free saturated fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber, natural
carbohydrates and protein.

Cacao is additionally one amongst the best sources of
antioxidants. Antioxidants clear corrupt cells from the body. The specific
antioxidants in cacao are Flavonoids, from the Phenolics group.

Cacao contains both anandamide and anandamide re-uptake inhibitors, which are molecules that slow the break down of the anandamide. This allows the anandamide to remain longer in the brain and with it the associated blissful feelings.

Cacao ceremonies
cacao ceremony
Kambo ceremony
plant medicine
plant medicine ceremony

Cacao Ceremony How To:

If you’ve tried cacao in the past and you didn’t feel
anything or if you’re new to cacao ceremony and want to do it right from the
start, following the steps below, it is definite that you are going to have a
fruitful cacao ceremony:

  • Cleansing and purification of an altar: After
    putting in an altar, which may embrace personal things, crystals, and different
    spiritually relevant things, lightweight a number of the sage and use the smoke
    close to everything as some way of cleansing it for the ceremony. In several native
    cultures, exploitation varied plants and trees as smoke for cleansing functions
    is extremely fashionable. Upon finishing the cleansing of the house, invite the
    community to take a seat round the altar, and smudge or cleanse all of them
  • Preparing the cacao: Start by obtaining top
    quality cacao, the cacao ought to be
    whole cacao not defatted powder that’s usually sold commercially. Enter a broody and reflective
    mental attitude as you chop the cacao into smaller pieces in order that it will
    soften into plight. Heat the water to only boil and add the cacao shavings. Use a whisk to stir till you
    discover a mixed texture. Add the sweetener and any other spices you intend to
  • Grounding meditation: This is time for the group
    to seek out some grounding. This part of the ceremony needs a pacesetter to
    travel through a brief grounding meditation. This might be done by all eyes
    closed in order that everyone seems to be aware of their body. However, no
    matter what this includes, it ought to be calming in a way. By grounding as a
    group, it’s simple for the sacred cacao ceremony to maneuver into a lot of
    spiritual and connected place. Drawing your attention to your heart house,
    causation love and feeling to those around you and drawing love back to yourself.

Serving and Setting Intentions: Once the cacao has been made, ensuing issue is to pour the serving in a cup. once everyone seems to be holding the cup of cacao, instruct them as a pacesetter of the ceremony to place their glass down on the floor, connect with pachamama and Earth that keeps us alive. Have them raise the cup to the sky compliance the energies above, place the cup within the middle recognizing the affiliation of the community, and at last bring the cup to their chest. With the cup below their chest, have all mutely speak a couple of words or intentions for the cacao before consuming it. As participants of the ceremony still drink the cacao, encourage them to stay their eyes closed through the method, connect with themselves and feel the cacao getting into their body and ultimately changing their mind.

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