Silence prepares the mind to begin to hear what is whispered. Silence allows the experience of sensing the words without hearing the words. It is a gift to learn to appreciate and enjoy the


Mindfulness Skills and DBT Therapy


Mindfulness Skills and DBT Therapy   Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT is a complex treatment of personality disorders and other mental illnesses. There are many steps and they are all equally important, but the one

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Relapse Triggers


RELAPSE TRIGGERS Money Here's an interesting fact I've heard: Regardless of what day of the week a person emerges from jail, his most likely day of relapse is the Friday following release. It's probably

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DBT Radical Acceptance Skill


Eckhart Tolle when asked about what is it that people need to do to be peaceful, he replied by saying that we need to “Accept what is”. Let’s look into what this accepting is

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Eating Your Way To Alzheimer’s: The Brain, Gluten and Sugar


Worried about brain health? Your diet may hold the key! Around 4.5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer disease. One in every eight person above the age of 65 suffers from Alzheimer. Yet recent breakthrough

Eating Your Way To Alzheimer’s: The Brain, Gluten and Sugar2024-06-17T14:46:16-05:00

Value Based Eating: Sugar Addiction and DBT


Value based eating is an important factor in over coming food addiction, particularly those associated with sugar. Sugar addiction develops when we associate positive feelings - such as comfort, security, or love - with eating

Value Based Eating: Sugar Addiction and DBT2024-06-17T14:49:34-05:00

DBT Radical Acceptance


“Pain is not wrong. Reacting to pain as wrong initiates the trance of unworthiness. The moment we believe something is wrong, our world shrinks and we lose ourselves in the effort to combat the

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DBT Non-Judgment Skill


DBT Judgement Walt Whitman said “Be curious, not judgmental.”  We strive to be nonjudgmental, yet each one of us is judgmental.  It is our nature.  Judgment, however, creates a division between people.  We judge

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Borderline Personality Disorders and the Family


For partners and families who love someone with borderline personality disorder, life can be an uneasy balancing act. Without diagnosis and treatment, it can be very difficult to understand why your loved one behaves

Borderline Personality Disorders and the Family2024-06-17T14:54:26-05:00

Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disoder


Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD is a personality  disorder that is very closely linked with Bipolar Disorder. The main characteristic is an inability to accurately perceive relationships around you, including interpersonal relationships and relationships

Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disoder2024-06-17T14:57:13-05:00
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