Spring Equinox Psilocybin Retreat


Equinox Blessings Psilocybin Retreat Spring is in full bloom, with a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse on the way. And just like Mother Gaia, we are bursting with new growth and exciting opportunities. As a part of

Spring Equinox Psilocybin Retreat2024-06-17T07:55:51-05:00

Summer Psilocybin Retreats 2024


Summer Psilocybin Retreats 2024 Spring and Summer are spectacular in Washington.  The cabin is heated at night and air-conditioned during the day.  The ceremony fire warms the hearts and souls of all those that

Summer Psilocybin Retreats 20242024-06-17T07:57:21-05:00

Psilocybin Retreats-Ancestorial Healing


Psilocybin Retreats-Ancestorial Healing Do you feel disconnected from a sense of tribe or culture? Do you feel an aching yearning for a long distant era? Do you feel a deep longing to reconnect with

Psilocybin Retreats-Ancestorial Healing2024-06-17T07:57:50-05:00

Psilocybin Retreats Springtime in Washington


Psilocybin Retreats Springtime in Washington Spring Schedule in Washington March 1-3 March 29-31 April 12-14 April 26-28 (one spot left) May 9-12 Las Vegas (Pyscon Conference) May 24-26 (Full Moon June 7-9  (New Moon)

Psilocybin Retreats Springtime in Washington2024-06-17T11:21:24-05:00

Psilocybin Retreat for Couples


Psilocybin Retreat for Couples February 9-11, 2024 Book now: www.meehlfoundation.org/plant-medicine Used for centuries by indigenous cultures around the world, the sacrament of plant medicines have served as a touch point for direct connection to the

Psilocybin Retreat for Couples2024-06-17T11:20:20-05:00

Santa Barbara California Psilocybin Presentation and Psilocybin Retreat


Santa Barbara California Psilocybin Presentation followed by Psilocybin Retreat Debra Meehl, Plant Medicine Shaman is honored to be presenting "Soul Retrieval"  in Santa Barbra California Wednesday February 21 at District 16.  This event has

Santa Barbara California Psilocybin Presentation and Psilocybin Retreat2024-06-17T11:24:10-05:00

Psilocybin for Suicidal Veterans


Psilocybin for suicidal veterans In the solemn shadows of the mental health crisis among our nation's veterans, where the echoes of trauma and the burdens of post-service struggles persist, innovative approaches to healing are

Psilocybin for Suicidal Veterans2024-06-17T11:26:21-05:00

Winter Plant Medicine/Sacred Sacrement Schedule


Winter at the Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center Winter Plant Medicine Sacred Sacrement Ceremony 2024 Winter is absolutely beautiful in Washington.  The snow is light and fresh, and the cabin is toasty

Winter Plant Medicine/Sacred Sacrement Schedule2024-06-17T11:26:53-05:00

Psilocybin and Tantra for Sexual Healing


Psilocybin and Tantra for Sexual Healing In a time of well-being and innovative approaches to health, some individuals are delving into an intriguing combination of two elements: psilocybin, a unique compound found in certain

Psilocybin and Tantra for Sexual Healing2024-06-17T11:48:23-05:00

Psilocybin- Connecting to the Creator God/Goddess


Psilocybin- connecting to the Creator God/Goddess In the story of people's search for a connection with something greater than themselves, there's a fascinating chapter about Psilocybin. It's a unique substance found in certain mushrooms

Psilocybin- Connecting to the Creator God/Goddess2024-06-17T11:28:01-05:00
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