Are you living in peace, love, with a personal sense of clarity and Identity? If the answer is no, good news – the Meehl foundation is here to offer help through the lenses of DBT and identity.  To begin with, let’s discuss how you can find your true-self. This is an unfamiliar concept to most people. Why would it be? Our stressful, busy, self-doubting, “better than yours” lifestyles, do not seem to allow for the beauty of finding your true-self. However, today we will teach you that, not only is it possible for everybody to live in peace, but you can start at this very moment.

What exactly does it mean to find your true-self? It is not a search for your passions, where you’re from, what you have, or where you plan to go. These are common questions one would ask oneself. Although, we suggest moving beyond your relationship with the world around you and look deeper within. This requires the personal self-acceptance of mindfulness, which leads to a true recognition and realization of one’s self. In order to accomplish this, we must understand what keeps us from living as our true being. This harmful separation occurs between you and the ego.


Eckhart Tolle writes extensively on the ego and the separation from our core being. In, New Earth, he wrote, “The ego creates separation, and separation creates suffering. The ego is therefore clearly pathological.”  This means our created ego is keeping us from our true being. Thus, we suffer in a life of illusion. No wonder we have anxiety and stress – we never feel like enough. How could we, if we are not operating as ourselves. Deepak Chopra said it perfectly; You are experiencing a different reality colored by the state of your mind.  That being said how could we live in peace?


Reconnecting with yourself can be done with mindful meditation, but it is always incredibly important to understand that who you are, is not just based on your beliefs. You can believe that that earth is flat and of course that is not so. You must consider that there is a core of goodness deep within you.  Consider this concept for me: Quantum Physics tells us, that every piece of matter, when broken down to its smallest amount, is exactly the same as any other matter. Thus, we are all made of the same energy – the universe, you, and me. We are all one.


To take this step further, consider a delicious apple pie. If you cut a slice of that pie and set it on a plate. What will that pie taste like? Apple. Not coconut, chocolate or peach. Why is that? As a result, we are, what we are made of.  To sum these two concepts up – We are made from the same energy, and since we cannot be anything but, we have the same qualities as the universal presence. Hence, you are love, joy, intelligence, strength, forgiveness and 100% capable to accomplish your personal goals.  But you need the right tools to get there.  DBT Therapy give you these toos.


It’s also important to ask the right questions to see where the separation between the ego and your true-self occurs. Are you living in love or fear? The ego is completely driven by fear, trauma and loss.  Are you living in peace? The ego is chaos; your  true-being is peace. Thirdly, are you living in the past or in the present? The ego loves to hold on to anger and pain. Mindfulness teaches us to live in the present moment.


Now you understand what your “true-self” means, and the cause of separation from your personal greatness, because you are wonderfully and perfectly made.


However, I would like to offer you one last technique, which ancient spiritual practice, quantum physics, and psychologists believe will help you recognize your loving true-self. It’s simple – say or write your personal mantra or positive affirmation every day. You can begin with this process by repeating and accepting certain personal statements such as:


  • I forgive and move forward!
  • I am more than enough!
  • I am that which I come from, peace, love and kindness!


There you are. Now take this knowledge, and be peace, be joy, be love, be strong, be a miracle, be one with life, be you! T.S. Elliott said it beautifully,


“We shall not seize from exploration

and the end of our exploring

will be to arrive where we started

and know the place for the first time.”



Tolle, E. (2006). A new earth: Awakening to your life’s purpose (p. 112). New York: Plume.