Being worthy isn’t something that we have to earn in this life time, it’s something we are inherently born with. How so?

Well, if you weren’t born worthy of living, you weren’t be existing at all.

I bet this isn’t something they taught you in school, isn’t it?

The reason is few people actually know this, and it is those few people who live extraordinary lives, always in the knowing that they have unlimited capabilities to expand and evolve, yet they are the perfect representation of themselves in each single moment of their lives. Wait a minute!

Do you want to say that everybody is perfect as they are? Isn’t this a daring thing to say?

OK, it’s time to go back to the very beginnings. No matter how you want to call it: God, “the source”, “creation” or “all that is” it is the perfect infinite that gives birth to everything that ever existed and ever will exist.

God created the universe out of the need to experience itself as the perfect infinite that it is, but for this, it needed to split into infinite pieces, infinite perspectives that together would re-create the perfect puzzle. It needed contrast, it needed the opposites: the good and the bad, the up and the down, left and right, and so on. It needed time and it needed space.

And life as we know it began.

This means that each and every one of us is part of this infinite perfection. We are pure expressions of creation and each one of us is a piece of puzzle that makes up this giant puzzle of existence. Guess what!

Without you, this infinite and perfect puzzle would become finite.

That’s how valuable and indispensable you actually are! Simple logic! Everything in creation has the same importance, because everything is an accurate expression of all that is, playing a precise purpose and role to serve itself.

This is why, although humanity is trying hard to swipe this idea under the rug, we are all equally valued and valuable in the eyes of creation, sharing the exact same importance.

You need to understand that a rich man is no more important than a poor homeless, nor is a human being rather worthy than an animal or a plant.

Again, in the eyes of the perfect creation, we are all EQUAL!

So, why are we so separate them? Why is this world a jungle where we fight each other instead of connecting with each other in harmony?

Well, it’s this disconnection from the source that makes us want to outplay, outlast and outwit everyone else, just like in the game of Survivor.

This sense of separation from everything else is what makes the ego.

Everything that we think, feel or do comes from this ego-self, which is a limited and poor 3D mini-self, specially designed to help us experience ourselves and nothing more. Our ego isn’t by far who we actually are, but your avatar in this game of creation, an interface that you chose to play the game of life.

But instead of leading extraordinary lives with a constant focus on the perfection of all things, we’re living fearful lives constantly thinking that we’re less than others, constantly trying to prove our sense of worth. Yes, the ego is constantly trying to prove its self-worth, but not the real you. The real you knows who you really are and need nothing at all to justify its existence.

You’ve guessed correctly: your ego plays a trick on you! The truth is there’s no way you can prove your self-worth in comparison to others, through the contrast of things as most of us so hardly try. Why so?

Being worthy is not something that you have, it’s something that you ARE.

And we’ve come to the most valuable lesson we can ever learn in this life experience: You are enough!

How can you even try to prove your self-worth to the society when the others are just mere perspectives as you? Why would you even try to do that, really? Unfortunately, this is what we see all around us every single day. People live miserable lives making money to prove their worth to the world so they assign all their self-value onto the things they own or make to show that they are worth living.

In the end, most people spend their entire lives fighting their own nature to prove something that doesn’t need to be proven or justified in the first place. I am worthy, I am enough.

Why would you spend all your energy on it, unless you’ve given into the false premise that you are not enough?

This is the only way we “fail” to serve our life purpose: thinking we are not enough!

But fail is a tough word here. Let me tell you another secret: there’s no way you can fail life!

In the end, no matter the life challenges we go through, you will be perfectly fine; if you’re not fine just yet, it’s not the end.

But the question is: How do you want to get there? Happily dancing your way there or dragging your weary feet to the finish line in excruciating pain?

Life is supposed to be a roller-coaster, amusement-park fun! If it’s not fun to you, then you need to change your definitions about yourself and make it into the most exciting experience ever!

For this, there’s only one lesson you need to learn, but it’s the most important one of them all, and it’s called:

You Are Enough!

You are the perfect representation of creation, you are worthy since you’re already here, you are fully supported in all your choice because you are created out of unlimited unconditional love, as this is your true nature: love.

You are worthy of the life that you want, so start creating it! There’s no one to stop you but yourself in getting where you want in life.

Write it on your bathroom mirror, on your computer desktop, on your notes “I am enough, I am enough, I am enough”, repeat it million times and then a million times more, until you truly have changed your definitions about yourself and become extraordinary, as source intended for you in the first place! And have a lot of fun along the way!