Everything is medicine. And so are you. There is a spirit of deep wisdom buried within you that holds the power to heal this brokenness. You can change your name, you can change your story, but only your medicine can change what is inside of you. Find your medicine, and it will call back all the broken pieces that you’ve convinced yourself you’d forgotten.  Find your medicine, and you will have begun the journey to returning whole; of becoming yourself.

This is not an easy path. The way is overgrown with the weeds of your forgotten self, seeded by the depths of your subconscious fears and watered by unshed tears. The road runs in spirals, through swamps and dark places. It is crumbling and broken, and sometimes disappears entirely. But your spirit knows the way. Your medicine marks the path if you have the eyes to look. And when you trust it, when you follow it to the inner-most reaches of your soul, that is where you will find your SELF.

Many people will not understand your journey. They can not. For it is not theirs to walk. Their path may cross yours at times, run alongside yours for great distances, and may even look remarkably similar. Yet, still, they can never step off their path to experience yours. And it is the experience that grants understanding. Some will encourage and support you. This is good. Keep these people close so that you may honour their medicine, as it compliments your own. Other people will not. Many will disparage you, abandon you, hurt you. That is ok. Remember that they are broken and hurting, lacking the eyes to see their own medicine, much less to understand yours. Do not let this discourage you. Do not be encouraged to forsake your medicine. For there is a sacredness in you that only you possess. You are a medicine not meant for everyone to understand. If your medicine is not for those people. Bless them, and send them on their way to find that which is.

Do not allow yourself to become bitter, for it poisons the soul and sours the medicine. And do not be tempted to give them a taste of their own medicine. They will believe you have poisoned them. To those people, the medicine has become so foreign that they cannot recognize it for what it is. The bitterness is too harsh. And the sadness and longing it brings, too much to bare. So don’t give them a taste of their own medicine. Give them a taste of yours. If they have lied, let your medicine be honesty. If they have hurt, let your medicine heal. If they are cruel, let your medicine be compassion. If they are angry, let your medicine be serenity. If they are bitter, let your medicine be empathy. If they are anxious, let your medicine be peace. If they are irritable, let your medicine be patience. If they are jaded, let your medicine be sincerity.

Whatever others may be, choose to allow your medicine to move in a balance and alignment. For when you embrace your medicine you not only heal yourself, you become the healing that is needed in the world around you. Not in some grand, abstract, universal way. But in the immediate, tangible world around you, through the people, you meet every day. You ARE medicine. It IS you. Not just a part of you; ALL of you. It is the core of your essence. Once you realize this, everything becomes possible. So don’t settle for just living your life. Open your soul to the world, and live your medicine. Only then will you fulfill your highest potential; your true divine purpose.

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