Fall Plant Medicine Retreats with Soul Retrievel


The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Center is now a recoginized 501c3 non-profit entheogenic church

We have been crzy busy builing our temple dome for ceremonies and builing cabin and addlitional domes for sleeping.  All are climite controlled with air-conditioning in the Summer and wood stoves for the Winter months….yes ceremony in the snow is magical

  • Aug 30-Sept. 1 BLUE MOON special (currently 2 spots left)
  • Sept 15-17  New Moon ( 1 spot )
  • September 21 we are in a week long workshop in Oregon
  • October 13-15 New moon
  • October 27-29 (Full Moon) Halloween
  • November 2-5 we are in Canada at the Plant Medicine Conference
  • November 10-12

Book at:  www.meehlfoundation.org/plant-medicine 

As a non-profit we can provide a sliding scale fee.  Do NOT let the price of $895.00 per weekend of ceremony and rooom and delicious food detour you from attending we have a special place in our heart for our trauma and veteren guests.  Just contact us and ask….its pretty simple

November and December will be “private ceremonies” as we will be resting over the Winter months.

You may contact us directly to schedule @ 979.248.0840


Warm Regards,

Debra& Micheal