When life’s busy, it’s easy to lose control of how we feel and lack balance in the important parts of our being. Finding a way to restore such harmony involves harnessing the Earth’s energies around us and from within. 

Experiencing ancient healing techniques while laying the foundation of shamanic studies is the ideal way to regain control and restore balance to our lives.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to learn shamanic practices and spending time at a retreat is a great place to start.


The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

What Is Shamanic Healing?

As one of the oldest healing practices dating back thousands of years, this energy-based therapy uses healing techniques to help bring everything back into balance. These deeply-rooted traditions spiritually guide us to make connections between spiritual and physical energies, rediscovering the ‘whole’ self and harnessing the power of the universe.

Benefits of a Retreat

If looking for a new age retreat to heal and restore, finding one which helps you to embark on your shamanic journey provides a multitude of benefits.

  • Learn from shamanic teachers
  • Enhance your productivity, health, and joy
  • Learn the ancient art of shamanic journeying
  • Make meaningful, effective changes for a happier, healthier life
  • Restore the ‘whole’ self
  • Recover wisdom and knowledge
  • Gain knowledge and guidance for living in balance
  • Share experiences and knowledge
  • Live more consciously upon the Earth
  • Apply ancient traditions to modern life
  • Share your passion for spirituality with like-minded individuals

You can choose between two of our luxury retreats to start your journey – the Shamanic Sisterhood and our Medicine Wheel Retreat.


Shamanic Sisterhood

Rekindle feminine spirituality and dive deeply into your shamanic journey. During this 3-day luxury retreat, you’ll build up your own empowering network of like-hearted women while appreciating a passion for authentic spirituality. From shamanic drumming and shamanic music to breathe modern life into ancient traditions, you’ll explore the benefits of living ritual, myth, and metaphor. Unwind in the evenings with fireside shamanic journey drumming while learning to apply healing techniques in daytime shamanic workshops. We draw together spiritually conscious women to share emerging knowledge and become part of a growing movement.

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Elemental Healing Retreat

While helping us to reconnect with the Earth and its energies, during our 3-day Elemental Healing retreat, a shamanic practitioner will introduce you to galactic shamanism, rediscovering the basic core truths of the universe. Experiencing sacred Earth Activation, you’ll journey into the shamanic realm to discover the healing elements of the medicine wheel. You’ll even create your own wheel using unique, personal totems you’ll have identified and connected with. With a solid Earth connection, you’ll find your way back home.

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Our shamanic retreats will teach you ancient healing techniques to apply to your modern-day lives while feeling connected and conscious with the Earth around you.


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