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Most of us know that mushrooms are actually a fungus but many times they are lumped into the vegetable category.  The most common mushroom and the most consumed is the button mushroom or Agaricus bisporus, which makes up about 40 percent of the mushroom grown.  The name mushroom, has been given to over 38,000 species of fungus  have the same underground thread like structure, with a cap and stem.  The gills, under that cap allow air to pass though and membrane and that allows moisture to evaporate, when you then nutrients in the ground, this is what gives mushrooms a rich heartiness that most people find quite appetizing.   

What is a mushroom?

A mushroom, otherwise known as the toadstool (because of how it creates a comfortable sitting platform for toads and frogs), is a fleshy plant made mainly from fungus and usually has a fruity looking and texture. It either grows directly from the soil or grows from the source of food , like straw, manure,  and old grains, it is deriving its nutrients. Mushroom is originally a French word which was coined from the words fungi and molds.

For centuries, in the West and America little was known about mushrooms, and for a long time the Eastern half of the world was considered mostly mycophilic, and the West mycophobic (fear of mushrooms). All of the ancient knowledge had been wiped out by the Romans that killed the Druids’ for their ceremonies and healing wisdom followed by thethe Famines and Dark Ages in Europe.  People either migrated or died.  Most of their ceremonial and medicinal knowledge going with them. 

French word for mushrooms

“This all changed when the French introduced mushrooms into their haute cuisine. It wasn’t long before the rest of the world began to embrace the mushroom. By the late 19th century, Americans were cooking up mushrooms in their own kitchens. Prior to this time, mushrooms were mainly reserved for use in condiments. Inspired by the French, Americans took mushrooms to a whole new level of devotion.”

plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, magic mushroom, Shrooms,
plant medicine

History of magic mushrooms

If you are familiar with rites and ceremonies where the word shrooms or magic mushrooms are used, then you have definitely met with one of the best types of mushrooms used in administering shamanic healing. A lot of people confuse this mushroom but one thing you should know is that it is the same thing as the psychedelic mushroom and it holds more benefits than one.

History of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Archeologists have suggested that this type of mushrooms has been existent and used  for thousands of years,  now and has also been used from time immemorial by great tribes and shaman to perform healing rites in humans with different conditions. It was recorded that Central Americans have used mushrooms for communion, healing as well as divination.

The Magic Mushroom Ceremony and Preparation

The magic mushroom or psychedelic mushroom has been the center of any shamanic healing that required mushrooms and they have the simplest method of preparation. It is not hard to pick the right one, but one needs to be careful because several look exactly like the magic mushroom. It takes a bit of experience to harvest the right ones but again this has been done for thousands of years. 

Origin of mushrooms is unclear, but mushrooms were eaten at night with honey but this was done by the people of Aztec. As time advanced the rites changed slightly and the mushrooms are taken as they are prepared with unceasing clapping that flow the same way the shaman would be making the chants.

Mushrooms and Spiritual Healing

There are many types of mushrooms, but when it comes to healing and spiritual cleansing or reviving the soul back to the true inner self, the psilocybin Mushroom is the recognized mushroom for the job. It was believed that when the .mushrooms were ingested, they were responsible for expanding your memory, language, and self-consciousness. It can be seen and confirmed that the mushroom has formed the basis for religion and certain elements of the shamanic healing.

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A little brief on the psilocybin mushroom

The psilocybin Mushrooms are known to provide potent spiritual and psychological healing ability. The psilocybin mushroom is also known as a psychedelic mushroom, magic mushrooms, booms, and all these names prove that it is a plant medicine capable of bringing a great deal of healing, both spiritually and medically, as they contain psychedelic compounds.

The closest records of religious functions including magic mushrooms go once more from 7000 to 9000 years back in various areas around the world. The most established portrayals of magic mushrooms are in ancient shake workmanship in the Sahara Desert. After an assessment of such workmanship, mushrooms are more than once spoken to in scenes of gather, veneration, and advertising. Their critical subtleties persuaded in the presence of old psychedelic mushroom religions.

These antiquated craftsmanship are astounding on the grounds that they mirror the most old human culture yet unequivocally archived the custom utilization of magic mushrooms.

Archeological discoveries comprise of ancient magic mushrooms sketches in Algeria, Libya, Chad, and Egypt. One of the most significant scenes is the Tin-Tazarift shake workmanship site in which a progression of conceal figures are arranged and hieratically dressed as artists. Every artist holds a mushroom-like item in their correct hand with two parallel lines leaving the mushroom to arrive at the artist’s head.

These lines may imply the magical and otherworldly nature of mushrooms that influence the brain.

History of psilocybin mushrooms

Mankind’s utilization of magic mushrooms goes back to the Paleolithic occasions. As a result of their dumbfounding nature, psilocybin mushrooms have constantly inspired profound enthusiastic reactions from love to inside and out dread. Chronicled records uncover magic mushrooms have been utilized to increase profound bits of knowledge to enable them to manage the vulnerabilities that are portions of their day by day lives.

Early people endeavored to speak with gods to oversee eccentric occasions, for example, birth, passing, and ailment. Individuals in these societies instigate dreams by eating magic mushrooms that normally produce psychedelic synthetic substances.

Ideally, consuming the magic mushroom takes you on a trip (a mind trip) as one of its psychedelic effects. Different individuals feel different things, depending on several factors. For some, it depends on the way you take in the mushroom; for others, it depends on the type you are consuming, others are affected merely by the way they perceive things in their mind. After you ingest the mushroom, some of the things that you might encounter in your trip are:

Altered Vision: ingesting the magic mushroom will bring a change/increase in the color intensity, appearance, and geometry of objects, as well as a better view of stationary objects.

Altered body feeling: you might feel some changes in the way your body feels. Some might feel nauseous, some warm, others might feel light, and others might glow.

Altered Mind: the way you perceive things would change, you might also feel a gush of emotions, and then you would most times be brought face-to-face with the spiritual beings.

Given how this mushroom is used, there are certain traditions who have attested to its potency, and many psychedelic experiences have been recorded. Shamans have used this mushroom to heal many individuals from various types of mental illnesses. Shamans believe that most of the mental illnesses and traumas come from being lost or separated from your true inner self, and using this mushroom plays a very significant role in helping you retrieve your lost soul, and in turn, helps you to settle most of the mental issues disturbing you.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have quite several health benefits they provide when consumed. Out of the numerous benefits of consuming mushrooms, we have gathered just a few for your reading pleasure. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but it contains some of the most significant benefits of mushrooms to man as touching health.

Enhance your immunity

Do you know that mushrooms are one of the foods that promote your health a great deal? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know. Modern-day science has discovered mushrooms to be very healthy for the body and records have shown that daily intake of mushrooms will improve your immunity. The white button mushroom, for instance, is made in a way that it has very potent anti-inflammatory ability.

Mushrooms also help you a great deal in preventing any form of respiratory infections. The bacteria that cause all the forms of infections can be altered with the intake of mushrooms. This leaves your gut and tract healthier than they used to be.

Help increase your lifespan

Mushrooms are also very excellent in helping you improve your lifespan. They contain anti-oxidants properties that allow you to live better and healthier. There are certain things called free radicals, these radicals affect your cells and make you age faster than you should, but with the intake of mushrooms, you will be able to protect your cells from free radicals. There are many various types of mushrooms, but the few that are tested and trusted to give you an excellent boost for your cells:

  • Shiitake
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Porcini
  • Pioppino
  • Oyster
  • Golden Oyster
  • Maitake

Improve on the digestion process

Mushrooms are also known to help improve the digestive tract of those who consume them. They are excellent and are also very friendly to your gut. A word used to describe them is ‘prebiotic’ and what this means is that they create a safe environment for the good bacteria in your gut. They are also known to aid the balance of other useful bacteria in your body known as Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium.

Fight Against Cancer

Surprisingly, the mushroom is known to fight against cancer; this is something most people are not aware of but holds. According to research, they contain lectin, which is a class of protein which are known to form a bond with abnormal cells and cause them to be destroyed by drawing the immune cells to them. They help your body build a better immunity to help you fight cancerous growth in your body. Mushrooms, although are not combined in any drugs, taking them in your diet show a significant change in your body immunity. They have been recorded to deal with different types of cancer from pancreatic cancer, to breast cancer, acute leukemia, uterine cervix cancer, gastric cancer, and even hepatocellular

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