Mental disorders can often present themselves in response to some incredible stress or pressure that exerts itself on a person’s life. This is why natural disasters and the devastation they cause often carry a hidden cost buried beneath the insurance invoices and rebuilding relief. When a person loses their peace of mind because of displacement or any loss, that’s often the biggest price to pay.

Many of our readers will remember Superstorm Sandy, the hurricane that rocked the Atlantic Coast all the way up to New York City in the fall of 2012. It occurred a year and a half ago, but residents of the area are still feeling the effects from losing valued personal possessions, and in many cases even their homes. After the course of months, many of these families and individuals become increasingly discouraged as they wonder whether they’ll get back to the lives they thought of as normal.

As many of the mental health professionals treating these individuals understand, it can take a long period of time for a mentally healthy person to succumb to the effects of disasters like this. As this article published by The Asbury Park Press reports, mental health counselors in the area are still seeing more and more patients who are seeking consultations for stress related to Hurricane Sandy.

The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County NJ has been one of the agencies overseeing much of the counseling provided to victims of Hurricane Sandy. These clients are often upset with the bureaucratic difficulties involved with receiving any relief on top of any damage their property sustained in the storm.

The youngest survivors of this event are especially susceptible to the discouragement that comes with devastation like this. Often, children can manifest physical problems in response to stress, and mental health workers have seen young Sandy victims suffer from stomachaches, headaches and poor appetite along with anger and anxiety.

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