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Frog medicine


Kambo is that waxy secretion found in a tree frog and often referred to as “Vaccine of the forest”. It can be regarded as one of the most effective natural analgesics and antibiotics around. It was historically used by some native Asians to heal and boost their mind and spirit. The frog that secrets the waxy substance is native to the Amazon forest where the natives use the secretion to garner strength, boost immunity and cure all sorts of diseases.


The Uniqueness of the Kambo


Kambo treatment has become more popular in the last few decades since the famous Italian scientist- Vittorio Erspamer first analyzes the efficacy of Kambo in the lab. It was discovered that Kambo is rich in an amazing chemical cocktail that has lots of potential medicinal applications. No other amphibian in the world has the Kambo medicinal powers and these powers have become a source of interest in the medical field, worldwide. Though, the Kambo tree frogs were traditionally used by native Indians in initiation rites, especially with the belief that Kambo substances can make them invincible when hunting.


The Kambo Treatment – How You Can Benefit from it 


Kambo, Kambo treatment, kambo treatments, Kambo ceremony, Kambo ceremonies, Kambo Houston, Kambo Texas, Plant medicine, Shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats
Kambo Treatment


The need for Kambo treatment comes from the numerous discoveries made by scientists in recent times about the efficacies of the Kambo. Kambo has been found to contain lots of bioactive Opioid peptides that are capable of triggering positive chemical reactions in the body. While some of the peptides found in Kambo provide hormonal-type effects, others provide health benefits such as; strengthening gastrointestinal muscles, improving blood circulation, and stimulating the pituitary gland. Kambo is also known to contain some neuro-peptide that provide an essential boost to brain functions.


One of the short-term effects of Kambo treatment is that it gives a short boost in energy levels, thus helping the user combat illness. Extracted venoms from the Kambo are now popular in treatment medications for high blood pressure, addiction, depression, diabetes, and some cancers. 


Other Benefits of Kambo


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plant medicine


Kambo is scientifically effective in several ways, and when used in recommended doses, it can provide a wide range of other benefits. It can improve appetite and recovery in sick people. It boosts metabolism, and also boost memory and focus. Kambo is also known to boost fertility in men and women. Alzheimer, depression, and anxiety are some other illnesses where Kambo treatments have shown great efficacies.


The Kambo Ceremony


The Kambo ceremony has become one of the most popular ways of exploring the efficacies of Kambo through a ritualistic approach. Though the ceremony used to take place in the Amazon rain-forest, the tradition has spread all around the world, and one of such overseas ceremonies is Kambo ceremony Texas which takes place annually in the United States.


During the Kambo ceremony, a “Shaman healer who is like the chief priest leads the ceremony by conducting a gentle burning of the patient’s legs, and shoulders before applying the Kambo secretion on the body. It is believed that the Kambo secretion can attract good luck and chase away evil forces from the patient.


Kambo, Kambo Treatment, kambo ceremony, Kambo Texas, Kambo Houston, Plant medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic weekend retreat
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Shamanic healing, Shamanic weekend retreats, Kambo, Kambo Treatment, Kambo Ceremony, Plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony
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