What is Kambo?


“Kambo” also known as “Sapo” has been considered as the “ancestral medicine”  and is considered a “living” medicine, of the American Indian tribes in western Amazon for more than 2000 years. This poison contains the very high concentration of biopeptides and also referred to as “jungle vaccine” or “campu.” This is a poisonous substance which is secreted by the two-colored tree frog. These animals are also known as “giant monkey frog” or some people also refer them as “the giant leaf frog. The taxonomic name of this frog is Phyllomedusa bicolor. This creature lives in several areas of the Amazon rain-forest, mainly in Colombia and the border zone between Peru and Brazil.


What is Kambo used for?


It is known to have several health benefits and used to treat diseases like cancer, migraines, anxiety, depression, addiction, infections, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, infertility, Alzheimer’s disease, and many others. Studies regarding Kambo treatments for cancer treatment are carried out throughout the world, and many studies found evidence that Kambo can be used in the treatment of several types of cancers ranging from lung to liver and even breast cancer.  In the Amazon it is used for stage 4 breast cancer.  It is considered the most potent anti-inflammatory known. 


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How is Kambo collected?


Giant monkeys frogs secrete Kambo, and they are only active at night. This makes the collection of Kambo difficult to collect. Shamans use a specific call   or song to follow and locate the nests of these frogs.  After catching the specimens, they are tied by the legs and pressed harmlessly to produce the secretions. Waxy secretions are collected on the wooden sticks from the legs and back of the frog. After drying, it can be stored for more than one year without losing its effectiveness. To be used, the poison is mixed with saliva or water and applied directly to skin wounds. After the shaman collects the Kambo, he/she tries to leave an unharmed frog back in the forest.


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Kambo Treatment


Use of Kambo for Cancer Treatment:


Many studies evidence that Kambo is very effective remedy for cancer treatment. Cancer is a disease in which, for some reason, abnormal cells develop and start to multiply. In subsequent trips, the affected area of ​​the muscle tissue becomes more damaged depending on the type of cancer. Although Kambo treatment may not be able to stop the disease itself, it can help people who fight with this disease and may help to prevent the disease.


How does Kambo for Caner it work?


There are many peptides present in this poison that helps the body in many ways to fight against cancer. It is found that Dermaseptin B2, a peptide among many others in the Kambo prevent prostate cancer. It promotes cell death and hence proved to have anti-cancer properties. When its effects were studied at the cellular level it was found that it prevents the growth of new blood vessels which is very helpful in the cancer treatment because it does not allow the growing tumors to get the nutrients for their growth.


However, Dermaseptin B2 and B3 peptides are the main anti-cancer agents, merely because of their capacity to stop and inhibit the growth of prevailing and emerging tumors. Additionally, they have the ability to activate the immune system and prevent and reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the main reason for the many diseases, and these peptides have anti-inflammatory properties and are known for treating swelling in the body. The use of Kambo treatment for cancers like brain tumors, mouth cancer, and prostate cancer is also being practiced. For this reason immuno-suppresssent are a definite contraindication  in regards to Kambo treatment, as is Chemo therapy 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after treatment. 





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