Kambo is the name given by indigenous tribes – especially for those from Brazil – to a particular frog medicine native to that area. Known most widely for its powerful physical effects, Kambo also has some spiritual benefits as well. The entire story about Kambo started when a very powerful shaman called Kampu went in search of a cure for certain ailments suffered by his people… believed at that time to be incurable.



What is Kambo?


Named after this shamanic pioneer, Kambo refers to the traditional rite performed by the South American tribes that descended from his peoples. Still true to the traditional ceremonies revealed to/by Kampu, the ritual relies on a venomous substance that is secreted through the skin of the giant monkey tree frog to bring about powerful physical and spiritual cleansing.


Many tribes use this ritual as a symbolic cleansing procedure to help both with physical as well as spiritual healing of the body, mind, and soul. It is even believed that hunters would join the ritual just so that they can gain more instinct and a better balance for their next hunt.


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Origin of Kambo


According to oral tradition in many tribes, Kambo was discovered as a sacred shamanic medicine through a vision quest. Unable to cure his people, Kampu – one of the most powerful shamans in his tribe – went on a vision quest to help find a lasting solution to the illnesses ravaging his village. Alone and unarmed, he ventured into the forest, bravely trusting that through his ordeals spirit would reveal the healing needed for his people. And, in honor of his faith and bravery, during the course of his quest, he was directed by a female spirit to collect and medicine from the Kambo frog. For several days she instructed him on the ritual and ceremony of its use. After gathering this information, the spirit blessed him to return to his people and share the medicine she revealed. With it, the village was saved. And to this day, Kambo is believed… and has been proven… to cure many diseases.


So What is a “Vision Quest”?


It is believed that Kampu received the revelation of Frog Medicine directly from Spirit through a vision quest. There are many versions of the “vision quest” across many cultures around the world. As we use it, Vision Quest refers to the various Shamanic Ceremonies that are performed by these indigenous tribes to connect to your inner self in its true form, as well as gain insight, guidance, and direction from the realms of Spirit. It is a medium used to connect to your inner self, leaving you in touch and helping you gain a deeper connection with yourself and the world(s) around you. It is a rite that helps you gain more confidence, receive guidance, remove fears, and makes you appreciate the beauty of your mind.


plant medicine
plant medicine


The aim of a vision quest is primarily to help you understand and appreciate yourself and the course of your life better, which comes by exploring the depths, currents, and patterns your life follows. To have a successful vision quest, there are some prerequisites you need to put in places such as mental, physical, and emotional purification. This will help you stay focused and will create an effective result.


Vision quests can be done in groups and can also be done individually. Choosing the right format for your disposition and intention will help you properly align your mind and motivation… often with the help of a spiritual medium such as Kambo or Plant Medicine.



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Kambo Treatment