What is kambo?

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Kambo Treatment

Kambo is a venom that the large monkey frog secretes, and it called the vaccine of the Amazon.  Kmabo is considered an Alternative Medicine here in the United States, but the Amazon it is considered a living medicine that heals people of chronic and serious illness.   People generally refers to this animal as the large leaf frog which has a scientific name Phyllomedusa bicolor that is used to strengthen and heal mind, body and spirit.

It is formed of bioactive living peptides, that move with the body receptor sites as if the body had created the peptides itself.

The main families of bioactive peptides known within the Kambo secretion

Kambo, Kambo treatment, kambo treatments, Kambo ceremony, Kambo ceremonies, Kambo Houston, Kambo Texas, Plant medicine, Shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats
Kambo Treatment


  • Phyllomedusin – like tachykinins (which additionally act as neuropeptides) – produce contraction at the sleek smooth muscle level and increase secretions of the whole channel like secretion glands,  tear ducts, intestines, and bowels; it contracts the sleek smooth muscles, and contributes to violent purging.
  • Dermorphin and deltorphin – These area unit tiny peptides composed of seven amino acids.
  • Phyllokinin (and phyllomedusin) — potent blood vessel dilators that also increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.
  • Phyllocaerulein — Wuich stimulates the adrenal cortex and the pituitary body, causes a fall in blood pressure, causes cardiac arrhythmia and has a potent action on the duct sleek muscle, stimulates viscus, biliary and exocrine gland secretions.
  • Sauvagine — which stimulates the cortex, causes a protracted lasting fall in blood pressure, and causes intense cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Ceruleins – Stimulate viscus, digestive juice and exocrine gland secretions, and some sleek muscle. they may be employed in the paralytic enteropathy and as a diagnostic medium in exocrine gland disfunction.

The properties of kambo peptides recommend it to be a promising treatment for depression, migraines, fever and infections, addiction, anxiety, strokes, blood circulation issues, organ diseases, cancer, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatism, negative energies (traditionally called “panema”) or depression etc.

Kambo ceremony

Kambo ceremony involves creating many tiny superficial (the size of a match head) burns at specific locations, sometimes high layer of skin on the arm or leg and applying the venom to the burns using hot stick which will be absorbed directly into the lymphatic system through burns within the skin.

Additionally,  kambo is working to get rid of “Panema,” or negative energies, that is claimed to end in varied health advantages like gaining strength and maintaining health. It together aids with depressed energy and addiction.

This medication is renowned around South American nation and Brazil as the “vaccine of the forest.” it’s most simply understood as a detoxifying purgative, immune-boosting medication, and a robust treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence.

Preparing the Medication

Kambo is collected early in the morning, before the first light as these frogs are nocturnal, once the large  are croaking and may simply be found without harming them, the person collecting scrapes secretion from the frog’s skin with a stick,  and may also sing to them or massage their hands to encourage the secretion to come, the medicine comes off is very thick and is then placed on a stick to dry

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plant medicine


Undertaking a kambo treatment ceremony,  can feel quite extreme, the immediate effects  associate in the first 2-3 minutes are nausea and vomiting, sometimes lasting for 15 minutes. If you have ever had the flu and most of us have, this will be what the experience is like.  Some people feel hot and then cold as the body begins to reset itself. Some shiver, and some has a somatic , parasympathetic response that is called frog sleep, this response the quite normal for about 10% of the population and is considered the highest form of healing.  In English, this means that you pass-out, or loss consciousness for about 2 minutes and then are completely normal.  All of this causes a robust reset reaction in you system and can also help you in purging any emotional trauma that you have been holding onto. 

Health benefits of Kambo

Kambo treatment works on variety of levels – physical, emotional and energetic, and may be used to cure physical disease, in addition as emotional and psychological considerations that include;

  • Pain reliever: The presence of Deltorphin and dermorphin in the skin of Phyllomedusa bicolor, are opioid peptides with promising pain relieving effects and reduced toxicity and anxiety
  •  Cleansing the neuro pathways of the brain: The venom contains short chains of amino acids, called peptides, that have an effect on channel muscles and blood circulation moreover as stimulate the ductless gland and pituitary within the brain. Blood circulation issues, alzheimer’s and parkinson’s.  Molecules which will reach the brain and increase tachykinin activity (by binding to receptors)
  • Addiction-Phyllomedusin is one tachykinin found in Kambo that is seemingly liable for the consequences of Kambo in treating addiction. Tachykinins are small proteins that affect reward, motivation, and stress responses within the brain, that are disrupted in addiction.
  • Bacteria resistant infections:  The properties of kambo peptides build it a promising treatment for the subsequent conditions; fever and infection, flesh eating bacteria, chronic infections.
  • Anti-Inflammatory- it is listed as one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatories on the planet treating chrohns disease, arthritis, Lyme and Lupus.

Kambo Safety

The most vital issue of operating with any powerful substance or healing modality  is safety. Though Kambo is extremely safe once responsibly administered by a knowledgeable  kambo practitioner  

The following is a list of contraindications. If someone has any of those conditions, it’s unsafe to require Kambo.

  • One who had a stroke
  • Under eighteen (18) years old – here in the US
  • Serious heart issues – start with a low low dose
  • On medication for low blood pressure- this a hard rule no exceptions
  • Have had a brain hemorrhage
  • Have glandular disease- again start with a low dose
  • Who have hyponatremia (low blood sodium)
  • Have had aneurisms or blood clots
  • Taking immune-suppressants for organ transplant, arthritis, lupus, etc. – hard rule no exceptions

Kambo Ceremony is more and more used as a shamanistic ‘healing’ ritual, and several anecdotal cases helps in reduction of chronic pain and improvement of symptoms in chronic illness including cancer and inflammation illnesses.  Never give up on your health, mental or physical, the use of alternative medicine, be in plant medicine, or living animal medicine may be the answer for you.   I have seen personal results for my clients that have had arthritis, lupus and even a brain tumor.  Not to mention the emotional purging and emotional reset that happens when you can experience a blissful peace that has eluded you.  There is a moment of Kambo ceremony bliss where your ego is no longer in charge and you become restful in you spirit.  This is the gift of the living frog medicine. 

kambo, kambo treatment, kambo ceremony, plant medicine, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreat,
kambo Treatment