Kambo has not been explored as much as it should be, but its benefits are many. But before getting into why Kambo can be great for chronic conditions such as arthritis, it is important to establish what Kambo is and how it can accomplish this.


Kambo for Arthritics


A traditional form of frog medicine, Kambo has an unusual but interesting pathway. Essentially, it’s a venomous secretion that originates from the monkey frog. Native to the Amazon basin, it is mainly found in South American regions such as Brazil, Peru, and Colombia, among others. Waxy in nature, once this secretion is collected from the monkey frog, it is dried and stored. To use it, it is mixed with either salivia or water that is applied to a specially made superficial ⅛ inch, skin burn. It might sound a little intense, but it is harmless to the frog and has a lot of benefits for humans if used correctly. Not only does it have medical usage, but it is also used for psycho-spiritual experiences as well. Though it can be unpleasant at first – it does also has a purging effect – it is widely regarded as an effective way to manage mental and physical conditions.




Kambo ceremony for arthritis?


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kambo Treatment


As a traditional shamanic medicine, Kambo can be used for inflammatory conditions. It is a way to gain strength and provides immunity as well. Considered a natural anesthetic and antibiotic, it can be very versatile in its use. The purging effect is what can be beneficial for arthritis, as it is used as a means to cleanse the body and bring about a change.


In fact, a recent study conducted by Queen’s University in Belfast have demonstrated that it can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis. By testing proteins in the secretion of frogs, they were able to identify specific properties that could help alleviate conditions ranging from cancer to arthritis. How is this possible? Because this secretion induces or inhibits a process called angiogenesis, or the growth of blood vessels. The dermaseptins group, including Adenoregulin. These are the first vertebrate peptides to show lethal effects against the filamentous fungi responsible for severe opportunistic infections accompanying immunodeficiency syndrome and the use of immunosuppressive agents.


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plant medicine


In frogs, this is beneficial because it is a protective mechanism against predators. For humans, this is the key to fighting an array of diseases. Inhibiting this blood vessel growth is what stops conditions like cancers and tumors from growing – basically, it’s like stopping it in its tracks. While it may not cure a condition, it can stop it from progressing, which is just as important.


Is it safe?


It is important to keep in mind that these traditions were not born today. Shamans across different regions have been using substances like Kambo for centuries to treat a variety of diseases and ailments in the absence of Western medicine, or in the absence of pharmaceuticals wilth complicated side effects that require even more medicine.


It is definitely safe. However, its long-term measurement and use is not still completely clear, especially for chronic conditions. Although current research is beginning to catch up to the benefits of Kambo, there are not as many studies to demonstrate its long-term efficacy. Essentially, it is about using it with caution. While it may not cure chronic conditions, it does have the ability to reduce and minimize its effects and can give back a sense of control that is missing.


kambo, kambo treatment, kambo ceremony, Kambo Houston, Kambo Texas, plant medicine, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreat


kambo treatment