A quick introduction to Kambo Treatment:

A Kambo ceremony in Spokane, Washington is a folk medicine practice held by a shaman. A Kambo ceremony can be a deep and spiritual experience that allows for a deeper connection to yourself and nature. A Kambo ceremony in Spokane Washington is a traditional ritual wherein the poison of the Kambo frog, a giant monkey frog is used to purify the body. Performed a shaman, the ceremony involves burning a person’s shoulder, leg, or food and then applying the secretion of the Kambo frog to the wound. This triggers a psychedelic effect of sorts and leads to a full-body cleanse as well as a spiritually meaningful event. The venom of the Kambo frog is filled with healing power, ranging from physical benefits to mental health benefits.



Benefits of a Kambo Ceremony?


While each person has a different reaction to Kambo Ceremony, there are some health benefits that people generally tend to enjoy. A Kambo Ceremony in Spokane, Washington could yield some of the following benefits: migraines, blood circulation issues, and chronic pain, among others. There are other health benefits associated with a Kambo ceremony in Spokane Washington as well, such as feeling active and energetic, increasing stamina, and relieving anxiety and depression to an extent. A Kambo Ceremony in Spokane Washington can also be good for those experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.



How does Kambo work?


Simply put, the venom of the Kambo frog contains small chains of amino acids called peptides. The latter can affect gastrointestinal muscles a blood circulation, which is how some of the physical benefits of Kambo are attained. However, the venom of the Kambo frog also stimulates neural networks such as the adrenal cortex, as well as the pituitary gland. Because of the dual nature of the peptides from the Kambo venom, it can have a major positive impact both mentally and physically. Kambo ceremonies have been practiced across South America for thousands of years, demonstrating its positive effects and its overall efficacy. Our Kambo ceremony in Spokane Washington is conducted by those well-versed in the ancient tradition and has a great deal of experience in administering the Kambo venom.



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Kambo Treatment


Who conducts a Kambo ceremony?


Our Kambo treatment in Spokane, Washington is conducted by professional shamans who have been trained in the art of the ceremony itself. Our main goal is to ensure your safety while also helping you experience a new spiritual path and let go of negative energy. For us, a Kambo treatment is ultimately about your journey and path, and what you hope to accomplish. While we provide the physical tools, your intentions and mindset will make a difference. We hold our Kambo ceremony in Spokane Washington and our leaders are trained in the ancient art, passed down by generations. As more awareness of the Kambo venom and its many benefits grow, we are proud to stay true to our practice. We hold our Kambo ceremony in sacred regard and honor the spirit and purpose of it in helping others.


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