Kambo- what it is?


Kambo is a traditional medicine made from the secretions of the giant monkey frog ‘Phyllomedusa Bicolor’ native to the Amazonian jungle. Over time, the name ‘Kambo’ has evolved to become a generalized term for the healing ritual and not just the medicine. It is not psychedelic and it is legal in all 50 states.


History of its use dates back to ancient civilizations, where it was used for its potential to deeply cleanse people of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems, give strength, and cause a general rebirth. The growing acceptance of the natural treatment was significantly fostered by its legal status in the United States, among other countries. Kambo treatment is now available in Spokane, Washington. 


The medicine contains bioactive peptides that cause purgatory reactions, and foster general physical and mental well-being. It is not considered a psychoactive and does not cause hallucinations like psychedelics. For anyone looking to cleanse their lives of negative energy arising from stress, depression, and illness, the Kambo treatment stands as the ideal remedy.


The Preparatory Phase


The frogs are considered messengers of nature, spirits to guide man on the path to healing from a wide range of problems, and are treated with extreme reverence and care. Their supremacy is exhibited in the fact that they have no predators. 


The first step in the ceremony involves harvesting the medicine from the frog. As nocturnal animals, they are found at night and just before dawn, when they are most active. Once caught, an experienced healer or Shaman scrapes the slime from the body of the frog, ensuring no injury whatsoever to the amphibian. 


The healer then proceeds to use a heated stick or twig to lightly burn the kin of the participants over tiny areas. The burnt layer is then peeled off to reveal the epidermis. The extracted medicine is then mixed with water and then applied to the blisters on the skin. 


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Kambo Treatment


Kambo Ceremony


Upon application, the medicine is absorbed quickly through the lymphatic system and its effects are rapid. The initial phase of the experience is immediate, intense, and majorly unpleasant. Symptoms usually include; dizziness, zoning out, inflammation of the face and lips, fainting, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. While these may not always occur, they should be taken as necessary, and are physical representations of the purgatory actions of Kambo, this last only for 15 minutes.


While it does not induce hallucinations, it induces an altered state of reality that is characterized by intense emotional experiences that are life-changing for participants. The compounds in this blessing from nature are specially designed to flush our bodies and spirits of negative energy that arise from illnesses and emotional hindrances, that arise from past negative experiences. 


It seeks to create balance and break down blockages in the natural pathways of life flow that forced less-efficient pathways to form; ultimately bringing about peace of mind and eliminating strain on the body and spirit. 


After the initial strenuous phase has passed, positive symptoms immediately kick in; its true benefits brought to life. Participants suddenly feel calm, alert, a heightening of the senses, and a general improvement of mood. 


The Integration Phase


After the ceremony, the integration phase constitutes all the long-term effects on the participant. A particular effect of the Kambo treatment is an improvement in the immune system that ultimately leads to resistance of further illnesses and improvement of existing ones. Participants experience good body and mental health, as the body’s defenses remain hyperactive. 


Relief from past trauma and its effects like anxiety and depression, and disablement of previous triggers for flashbacks are observed. The Kambo ceremony helps you face formerly repressed emotions and helps you discover newfound meaning to life.


Staying Safe


Anyone who wants to try out the Kambo treatment should do so with the help of a guide or Shaman to prevent the potential risk of overdosing. This can lead to severe pain, unconsciousness, and even worse; death. 


When properly supervised, the kambo ceremony is immensely positive. However, it is not for everyone. People who have just undergone surgeries, pregnant and breastfeeding moms, or undergoing chemotherapy, should not partake in a Kambo treatment ceremony.  With an experienced Certified Kambo practitioner like and Shaman Debra Meehl, who has gained extensive experience , the Kambo treatment is sure to be fully beneficial on both a physical and spiritual level.


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