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Kambo Treatments

Depression is one of the biggest silent killers these days and a growing concern of health departments as it’s insidious and hard to treat.

It is so because it has at least three causes acknowledged by the science: psychological, environmental and physical causes.

Of course, medicine disregards the spiritual aspect of the phenomena, but merely psychological and physical causes of depression often prove to be too difficult to handle.

Kambo for Depression

Depression can lead to a fatal outcome as nearly 20% of the patients suffering from depression commit suicide. Mind you that it’s just 20% of the patients who were diagnosed with clinical depression.

How many of them are suffering in silence without even consulting the doctors?

Kambo, Kambo treatment, kambo treatments, Kambo ceremony, Kambo ceremonies, Kambo Houston, Kambo Texas, Plant medicine, Shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats
Kambo Treatment

The thing about depression it basically comes down to hopelessness. Depression is not just sadness nor is it just prolonged grief.

Depression is utter despair without hope for it to pass and without realization of the purpose behind it.

In other words, depressed people can’t see the point in living. They feel both emotionally and physically numb and they experience severe boredom and unease.

Anxiety and insomnia are the aftermath of it as well as many other forms of suffering.

Seeing as how medicine fails to treat depression and how it can only sometimes manage to alleviate the symptoms, people are nowadays turning to alternative medicinal and therapeutic practices.

It’s no secret that alternative medicine rather relies on spirituality and natural remedies.

Shamans view human beings holistically and they tend to treat both physical and spiritual aspects as they integrate the individual into a community. That’s the point of ceremonies.

Now physical, spiritual and tribal are connected and depend on each other.

Because of some physical ailments, a mind can suffer and by cause and effect, it can be a downfall of the whole community.

Negative energy can spread like a disease. Ancient tribes knew that and that’s why Kambo ceremonies were usually done in a group.

Now, we know that Kambo is a secretion from a Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa Bicolor) that has many bioactive neuropeptides that have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Kambo and the Body

Kambo works essentially by cleaning your body from the toxins that drain your body’s energy and block your chakras.

Which chakras are blocked depends on the place where the toxins and negative energy have accumulated in your body.

While symptoms can be different and both physical and psychological, they come down do overall suffering and depression.

Depression is nothing more than suffocation and desolation of the spirit which leads to a brain chemistry issue.

Now, healing the body is never just healing the body because you can’t separate the body from the spirit.

Kambo has cathartic or purgatory effects. Both physical and metaphysical elements may prevent your being from experiencing spiritual unity with the cosmos.

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plant medicine

Kambo works by neutralizing and banishing those elements from your spirit’s temple (your body).

You know that chakras are points where your bio-energy circulates. Well, imagine a clogged canal where the flow accumulates and increases pressure.

That’s what depression essentially is – a deep pressure that accumulates in your body, mind and soul until you burst. Mental disorders are usually just effects of that pressure.  

Kambo unclogs your soul’s canals and allows your energy to run freely and in its natural course.

When your body resets to default, your mind becomes susceptible to the overall soothing stimulus of nature, the cosmic rhythm and universal harmony of the spirit.

Your disposition towards what brought you down may then change and you may become more open to social connections.

That way, Kambo ceremonies address spiritual, bodily and social causes of potential depression.

Of course, it starts from the body, but it’s not enough to just administer Kambo and wait for your problems to resolve on their own.

The substance is so powerful that some of your ailments will indeed disappear on their own just because you administered Kambo, but for other, more complex problems, you will need shaman’s guidance.

It’s not just the substance, it’s the spirits of nature that partake in the ceremony and guide the substance through your canals to cleanse you in the best way possible.

You should do a little soul-searching and recognize the psychological roots of your unease and allow Kambo to dissolve them and throw that trash out.

It’s advised that you go through 3 Kambo treatment sessions in one moon cycle (28 days) in order to maximize the therapeutic potential of the ceremonies.

Kambo and Trauma

Kambo may bring out your suppressed fears and your expulsion of the negativity may be a bit hard. Buckets for vomiting will be a must-have during the ceremonies, but you’ll actually grow fond of them.

However, since your bioenergetic field gets cleansed, the detox calms you and induces a feeling of lightheartedness.  There are no reports of a negative Kambo-ceremony experience.

Even though it can get physically hard to bear, it’s not worse than alcohol intoxication and unlike alcohol intoxication, its therapeutic results are imminent and obvious.

People who tried Kambo sometimes report that they feel refreshed and brand new after a single ceremony, but sometimes it’s best to pass through 3 ceremonies to get the full experience of cleansing.

Kambo Treatments and the Spirit

Your perception may become so serene that it resembles a dreamlike state where everything seems to be at its place, but Kambo is not a psychoactive substance.

All mind-altering that may happen is the result of you letting go of what no longer serves you and feeling free and light again.

It has been reported that after Kambo ceremonies people sometimes experience meaningful visions or symbolic, vidid and lucid dreams full of archetypal messages.

That is not something that primarily happens due to a Kambo ceremony, it is not incommon.

Spirits do not like to communicate with an uncleansed mind and sometimes it’s not a mater of preferance.

Sometimes you’re simply not susceptible to subtle etheric movements and vibrations that nature uses to communicate with us.

Sometimes your intuition is jammed and clogged by toxins and layers of accumulated negative energy which can easily cause heavy depression.

Kambo, Kambo Treatment, kambo ceremony, Kambo Texas, Kambo Houston, Plant medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic weekend retreat
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Shamanic healing, Shamanic weekend retreats, Kambo, Kambo Treatment, Kambo Ceremony, Plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony
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