Kambo is a traditional healing ritual that calls on the medicine of giant monkey tree frog to bring about a deep physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual cleansing process. Kambo multi-level purification process returns you to a balanced, natural equilibrium by detoxifying and rebooting the immune system, releasing stagnant emotions, and eradicating negative energy held within your body.

Used for centuries by Amazonian shamans to restore balance to the body, mind, and soul, Kambo is a powerful healing ally for anyone looking to detox their life. Whether you’re seeking to heal addiction, physical dis-ease, mental illness, or emotional wounds, Kambo welcomes you with open arms and an invitation to step boldly onto the path of healing with a warrior’s courage and a shaman’s wisdom.

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Individual & Group Ceremonies

January 3 - February 3: Meridian, Idaho

For centuries, the shamans of the Amazon have understood and partnered with this sacred frog medicine for healing, purification, stamina, strength and clarity, as well as to bring luck and positive energy into their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it?

The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center

Springdale, Washington, USA

Nestled in the verdant heart of the Pacific Northwest, The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center comprises 45 sprawling acres seated on a vortex of intense healing energy.  The campgrounds are safe and secure, with plenty of sleeping accommodations, comfortable indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, and a host of beautifully natural scenic areas to rest and feed your soul. The grounds freature two small hiking trails, an elevated ridgeline, a natural creek, and a pond... all brimming with native wildlife, including a plethora of medicinal plants waiting to be discovered for your wild-crafting pleasure. 

What is "Frog Medicine" ?

Kambo uses the secretions of the giant monkey tree frog. It is a waxy substance that the frog naturally secretes for protection. The frogs are captured humanely, and the wax is lightly scraped from their legs and back before they are released back into the jungle. It is a very gentle process, with deep care and respect for the animals that provide the medicine.

Because this medicine is produced naturally, as a force of life moving through the frog, Kambo is viewed as a living medicine with an inborn spirit which makes it complete and perfect... not a dead component like the drugs we are often prescribed. It is this life force, this spirit that connects us to the wisdom of the medicine, and guides the healing journey of purification.

Okay, but how does it work?

The Science: Unlike many other natural and pharmaceutical substances, Kambo has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and produce its effects at the level of the brain. Human cells open themselves to the beneficial properties of Kambo unlike many substances that are filtered and eliminated by the body’s highly intelligent defence system. In this chemical cocktail, we find peptides that perform hormone-like tasks, while others provide support for vital cellular processes throughout the body. For more information, visit this link.

Is it safe?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Kambo is a very powerful medicine, and as such must be administered under the direct supervision of a trained practitioner and applied properly in accordance with ancient traditions. These traditions have evolved over hundreds of years and have proven in that time to be both safe and effective. This is why we use them.

What should I expect?

Kambo is a strong purgative that detoxifies the body by prompting an intense biological response to the medicine.
Kambo is administered by applying the wax over small, superficial burns made on the skin. Only the topmost layer of skin is seared, to allow the medicine to be absorbed into the body through the lymphatic system, immediately triggering a variety of beneficial chemical reactions in the body as it travels to the heart AND crosses the blood-brain barrier.
Each individual experience is highly personal and entirely unique. Your experience with the medicine will be yours and yours alone.

However, common reports include: increased heart rate, warmth or intense heat, sweating, mild swelling, cramps or pain in the body, and nausea that slowly build until ultimately triggering an intense purge. With the purge comes relief, and the completion of the ceremony. The medicine continues to work well after the ceremony, however, with short-term effects including, heightened awareness, general well-being, feelings of grounded presence, and a deeper connection with ourselves. In the long run, we get rid of stuck emotion, negative energy, and bad luck,  reboot the body's immune system.

What's the setting like?

Large bell tents are provided for the ceremony. All tents are air conditioned. Matresses and blankets are available on request to ensure a comfortable experience.

There is also a shop for cooking and socializing, an outoor firepit, a garden, and plenty of green spaces to explore.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just your beautiful self, your completed intake form and anything you feel you might need to make yourself comfortable.

Meals and snacks are provided, as well as blankets, pillows, etc. However, we encourage participants to bring along anything they feel will make their journey easier (within reason).


Are there any contraindications? Who can attend?

Kambo is generally safe. However, those with serious heart conditions, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or currently taking prescription medication are encouraged to contact us to discuss your situation prior to the ceremony. A full list of contraindications and considerations can be found on our INTAKE FORM.  ♥

About Debra Meehl

I believe that nothing happens by accident.  So when I was born into a family where my mother was an only child and I was an only child. I would discover why I was, “to walk alone” as a Native American Seer told me. My DNA confirms that half of my ancestors traveled on the Mayflower and half crossed the Barring Straight from Russia.  The only reason this matters is the confirmation of the dreams and visions I have always had.  It also helps those who need to tell me that I, “don’t look like a Shaman or Native American.”

When I met and married my soul mate – Mark – In 1999 , my life was changed in the blink of an eye.  He was diagnosed a year after we were married with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD.  I went from being a Paramedic trained in Psychological Emergencies to an Ordained Minister trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  Several years after, I would be trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and many years later as a Shaman.

Leading those willing to Soul retrieval, totem animals and the removal of dark energy (negative entities) was my where the God/Divine of my understanding has always called me.  For years I had no label for what I did.  How I “stood in the gap” for people and called in healing for them or how I could lead them to “find the missing pieces of their soul” that they had lost during trauma or fear.  At the time there was no manual, God/Goddess led me every step of the way. With few teachers I was dependent on tapping into Divine mind and living with “God is my source and supply”.   To say that my third eye is open and that I have Clair-cognition is an understatement, when I am dealing with my clients.

Allowing yourself to be a vessel for others healing is an honor, but not an easy path.  My unwillingness and attachment to the outcomes of situations has made it very difficult at times. There are life skills that can be taught to help with this, many are Zen-like principles that have been taught for thousands of years in the tribes that we no longer belong to.  These are the principles along with Soul level healing that change people’s lives, as they have changed mine.  There is no person or group of “elders” or tribe that can “confirm” your Shamanism no matter what others tell you.  The Spirit calls you to this way of life, and believe me when I tell you.   It is a way of life!




The Meehl Foundation is a non-profit 501(c )(3). 100% of all sales and proceeds are applied to program funding and development. Mark & Debra Meehl receive NO compensation from tuition, purchases, or donations. These services provided are a labor of love.


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