We all know how it feels to become a little overwhelmed with life at times, especially when negative events and emotions seem destined to keep occurring. People underestimate the power of their thoughts and feelings, having consequences which can affect their overall happiness.
Taking a deeper look at ourselves is important if we want to bring about meaningful change, moving us onto a better way of living and unlock our true potential. A law of attraction course and other healing techniques can be used to ignite the true, authentic self.


What is a Law of Attraction Course?

A law of attraction (LOA) course aims to change the lives of those who attend, encouraging insightful changes and create a dream life. Benefits of this type of training include helping others to incorporate changes into their lives, making their lifelong goals seem possible. It uses the principle that we are all like magnets, attracting people, experiences, and items towards us through our thoughts and feelings. The more you understand the law of attraction, the better you learn to draw success and happiness towards you, allowing you to fulfill your goals more easily.

How to Change Your Life for Good

There are also other ways to live a life of joy, health, and positivity such as shamanic energy healing. This type of shamanic healing enables the practitioner to reach an altered state of consciousness, interacting with the spiritual world to channel energies around them. This restores balance in their lives to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Those practicing shamanic techniques can incorporate it into their daily lives, bringing about positive, meaningful changes. From shamanic reiki to healing with the medicine wheel, shamanism is the foundation that many need to start their life transformation.

If you’re asking yourself ‘where can I find shamanic healing near me?’, look no further than The Meehl Foundation’s spiritual retreats.

Joyful Transformation Retreat

Joyful transformation is about triggering a powerful and permanent life transformation, addressing the ‘whole person’ and finding clear resolutions to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Going on such a personalized journey allows you to step back into your life with purpose, confidence, and resilience.

Medicine Wheel Retreat

Start your shamanic journey on our medicine wheel retreat. During our 4-day course, you’ll be under the guidance of a cross-cultural shaman, who will help you on your journey of sacred discovery and spiritual awakening. You’ll rediscover the healing benefits embedded in the medicine wheel, connecting with your personal totems and spirits to construct a medicine wheel of your own.

Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat

This all-female retreat enables women to come together with other spiritually-conscious minds to grow a global tribe of shamans, healers, and wise women. We breathe modern life into ancient shamanic techniques, helping you to explore living myth, ritual, and metaphor.

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