The law of attraction is the action of brining into your life the things you think about the most. The idea is that if you think about all the things that you do not have or do not want then those are the things that you will continue to receive. At this point what you are thinking and feeling is controlling your life. So what about changing your thinking into thinking that will allow you to ask for and receive the things you truly desire and need in your life.

So where does the law of attraction begin? The law of attraction begins with being and thinking positively and expressing gratitude through thoughts, feelings, and actions. The things you think effect everything around you, so if you are complaining, thinking negatively, or are doing nothing about the very things that you do not like or want in your life than you are actually in effect causing and reinforcing  the things that you do not like or want to continue to be present in your life. The solution to this begins with just simply shifting your thinking from negative self-deprecating thoughts to that of positive and up-lifting thoughts. Ants (automatic negative thoughts) can interfere with your ability to think positively and works against getting the things that you want in your life.

How do you get the things that you want? After taking into account positive thinking the next process is simply asking for what you want with affirmations. As simple as this sounds there is a process of speaking your desires and needs into existence through affirmation. You must ask for what you want as if it has already happened or it is happening in that very moment. Many people practice affirmations silently saying them in their mind, saying them verbally out loud, and writing them down to carry with them where they go. The technique that many find effective is to use sticky notes with their affirmation written on them so that they can take with them where they go inside a notebook or to place in different rooms in their home or in their vehicle. Also people use another technique when they desire to draw new people or situations to them. This technique consists of creating a list of the characteristics that you do and do not desire in another person or situation. The concept here is that by knowing that which you do not want allows you to know more of what you do want. And then by this contrast you can focus your attention on that which you want and then will receive. As you think about what you want as a possibility of reality you are bringing life to the concept of what you want in your life and allowing it to exist.

Visualization is another crucial aspect of breathing life into the reality that you want to occur. To bring about the things you want to happen you need to incorporate visualizing into the experience. You visualize what you want to happen as if it were already happening in the now. It is helpful to ask yourself what does getting what I want look like and feel like.  Knowing what your desired experience looks and feels like will enable you create a visual experience of what you are asking for. As you are imaging what it looks like visually of getting what you want simultaneously you need to create the positive happy feeling experience to pull this into existence. Research states that the brain does not know the difference between visualizing doing a task and actually doing a task. So if something can be visualized it can be done and through visualization the experience is given intention and through intention your desires and wants can be manifested. Living in this experience allows this idea to become a reality.

The last step of the law of attraction is to receive what you have been asking for. When you have received the only thing that must be done is to express gratitude for the receiving.  Expressing gratitude is necessary throughout the whole process of the law of attraction. Gratitude pays attention to that what you desire and need and continues to give you more of what you want. If you express gratitude and positive thinking in your attention and intension you draw in more of what you desire to have. You attract to you what you think about.

When working with the law of attraction it is crucial that you incorporate all four concepts simultaneously and in parallel to reach the full effectiveness of the receiving. So with a positive being and thinking, asking through affirmations, experiencing through visualization, receiving and expressing gratitude desires and needs can be manifested into reality. The law of attraction is simply breathing life to a new concept and creating the possibility for a new life affirming reality.