One of the biggest mistakes people make is to disregard their own power over their happiness, stuck in a cycle of suffering often caused by multiple factors in their life. This includes their relationships with others, physical health, and thoughts and feelings about themselves.

Retreats are popular for providing a place to take some time to look more deeply at ourselves, and a law of attraction retreat is one many people have heard of. But what does it entail and are there other courses which can help bring about positivity and happiness?

What Is a Law of Attraction Retreat?

A law of attraction course aims to empower people to change their lives, using visualization and techniques which you may find on other transformational retreats such as a meditation course. It’s based on the principle that we’re all like magnets, attracting things into our lives including people, experiences, and success. If you delve into the law of attraction, it can give you a better insight into how to live a dream life by successfully drawing more things towards you which help fulfill your goals.

Benefits include:

  • Providing a meditation retreat in which attendees can focus on their own happiness and well-being
  • Learning techniques to start getting what you want
  • Taking time out to devote to yourself
  • Getting more satisfaction out of life
  • Gaining a true insight into your true self

What Alternatives Are There?

Similar types of spiritual courses which also aim to teach attendees about being in charge of their own happiness include those which look take ancient principles such as shamanism and show how to apply them to modern life. Shamanism looks deeper into our spiritual selves, yet still addresses the ‘whole person’ and how we can heal suffering our mind, body, and spirit. By learning how to take a shamanic path and form strong connections with the spiritual realm, we can connect with energies around us and correct imbalances.

The Meehl Foundation’s weekend spiritual retreats provide the ideal setting in casual luxury to throw yourself into the exploration of shamanism, learn healing techniques to end negative cycles of suffering and meet practitioners from different backgrounds and modalities. As well as some empowering women-only retreats, we also offer some of the following popular courses.

  • Elemental healing retreat: The shamanic sisterhood brings together spiritual women to explore feminine spirituality and share emerging knowledge to help heal the world with our gifts.
  • Medicine wheel retreat: On this meditation weekend retreat, you’ll be guided by a cross-cultural shaman to experience deep spiritual awakening and rediscover ‘what is a shamanic journey’ and how it’s embedded in the medicine wheel.
  • Joyful transformation: This three-day luxury retreat helps to unearth the truly authentic self, addressing the whole person, your setbacks, and how you can use spiritual practices to form clear resolutions. Such a personalized journey helps attendees to step back into life with purpose and unwavering confidence to live a life of joy.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to a law of attraction retreat, take a look at our shamanic retreats and book your place.

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