Theories have gone on for long that the druids of Ireland have been using the magic mushrooms during their religious ceremonies. These ceremonies long began before the influence of the church. The magic mushrooms were and are still a sacrament of the Celts and by many of the European Countries. This was considered ancient Celtic magic.


Flesh of the gods mushroom


Psilocybin mushrooms are among the oldest medicinal drugs that human beings have ever used, and what is most amazing is that they remain actively in use even today. Magic mushrooms or psychoactive mushroom, in Ireland come in two types. The Fly Agaric and the (magic mushroom caps) Liberty Cap, which are considered Irish mushrooms. But every country and nation has their own versions, that have been used by shamans and medicine men and women for centuries. 


Fly Agaric


The Fly Agaric is a red-topped and white spotted variety of Magic mushrooms. Making its appearance between August and November, the Fly Agaric is usually seen growing beneath certain ceder trees in a symbiotic relationship. The Fly Agaric is classified as poisonous when ingested, but it really is not.   Research has proven that a single dose of less than one cap is strong enough to give the user hallucinations.


The Fly Agaric was only taken by highly trained druids, shamans, and teachers. They went on trips and reported back to the untrained people the pearls of wisdom of the universe as they were able to unlock new levels of consciousness. It allowed shamans, druids, and teachers to see and hear lucid dreams that would help to heal their clients. Today we question this but it has been proven even in science. 


The druids of the Celts ate the Fly Agaric for its hallucinogenic properties because they believed that during the hallucinations great wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment would be given to them and that they would achieve new levels of consciousness to see and hear things that would enlighten their clients. It was a very important mushroom to the shamans of Celts that they called it the “flesh of the gods.” Because when you ingested it you could hear the voice of god and understand what you were to do next, to heal your client. 


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The Fly Agaric has been around for so long and were so old that the druids of Celts believed it had accumulated wisdom which could be passed to humans through the fruit, and when eaten it could put them in direct communication with the universe or the god of their understanding.  All medicine women of the time understood that living in harmony with nature was what brought peace and a life full of contentment. 


Liberty Cap


The Liberty Cap (psilocybe semilanceata) is a silkily smooth, scaleless surface of caps and is most commonly found in pastures and parklands that have not been tampered with artificial fertilizer. Liberty Cap occasionally causes alarming symptoms which includes but are not limited to vomiting, stomach pains, and anxiety attacks, as such, Liberty Caps are best treated with caution, as a small dose goes a long way. 


The Liberty Cap is a stimulant and is known to expand the mind. Reports from users show us that they felt in tune with the universe and nature and that they have acquired knowledge or unlocked new levels of consciousness from their psychedelic trips.


The Liberty Caps were not taken by highly trained druids, shamans, and teachers, but by regular people as the psychedelic trips were milder than that of the Fly Agaric.


Were Magic Mushrooms a sacrament of the Celts?


Many scholars have argued that the Celts of ancient Ireland was home to a magic mushroom religion and ritual ceremony. The Indo-Europeans used psychedelic in their rituals and these psychedelic experiences may have been the origin of the pagan religions that sprung up all over Ireland before the advent of Christianity.


The Irish folklore tells tales of “magical substances which bestows knowledge or pleasure when ingested.”




The sacrament use of magic mushrooms was a strong tradition as the Celt Shamans had knowledge of which fungi or plants were poisonous, medicinal, and those used for ritual purposes. These psychedelic mushrooms were used to induce a state of consciousness or trance to receive poetic messages and inspiration from the gods.


The ceremonies held by the Celt druids never started without the consumption of magic mushrooms to provide the best profound experience. The druids would then consume mushrooms and then sit in sweat houses.


In the sweat houses, the psychedelic experience was so profound enough to facilitate spirit extraction and soul retrieval. The sweating made the psychedelic experiences more intense and new levels of consciousness to be attained.



The Society for Healing, Ritual, and Officiation of Mushroom Shamanism (SHROOMS), founded in 2016 in Dublin, just lends more lead to the use of magic mushrooms as the sacrament of Celts. Magic mushrooms contain psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, which are important tools for helping to treat various physical and psychological illnesses, and to aid in spiritual growth.


Were Magic Mushrooms Legal? Are they still legal?


Although they were used, any and all mushrooms containing the psychoactive ingredient, psilocybin, is considered illegal to distribute as well as possess. Luckily enough, the shamans of the magic mushrooms are specialized to ensure that all magic mushrooms used are done under strict observation.




When used in a safe environment under supervision of trained shamans that help ensure the right and proper  preparation, consumption, treatment, and integration, so many people have claimed to have a life-changing and profound spiritual and mystical experience that has helped with healing of rheumatoid arthritis, addiction, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues.


You can have a legal spiritual experience with magic mushrooms at the Psychedelic Society of Ireland which offers Irish people legal mushroom experiences on the weekends in Amsterdam. The psychedelic trips are also strictly supervised by trained professionals to avoid any unpleasantness.


For some, especially those who have never consumed the entheogenic fungi, they believe that the visions and insights experience by users are mere “hallucinations,” but for the user, however, it is quite the opposite. The experiences had on higher doses of psilocybin are often found to be of such profundity that they are frequently described as, well, something that can not be described.


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Kambo Treatment


Psilocybin is a boundary dissolving compound that reduces/gets rid of the ego and sense of individuality of the user of their ego and sense of individuality. The moment the ego and contrived perceptions of one’s place and purpose in the world is set aside, the user soon comes to realize and sense a deep interconnectedness with the world and the universe.


This process is often described in terms similar to a mystical or deeply spiritual experience. For the user, this experience is far from a hallucination, and the insights and sensations imparted can often be seen as a turning point in one’s life.


Consuming the Sacrament


The best manner to consume the sacrament is by following these recommendations;


  • An empty stomach is the best for eating the fungi.
  • Have a free 24 hours schedule.
  • Take it in a safe and strictly supervised place.
  • Have a shaman or facilitator that can help you during the ceremony and integration after


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