Addiction and substance abuse if left unchecked will eventually lead to illness, sicknesses, and in the worst case death. For centuries, the medical field has seen efforts on how to try and combat addiction and help abusers break from their habits.

As a Shaman, I have counselled many who were victims of addictions with some already suffering from its effects on the path to true healing for the body and mind, where countless medications and therapy sessions did not work.

In this article we will look at the use of psilocybin mushrooms and how they are the answer to treatment from addiction and its effects.


Psilocybin for Depression

Using psilocybin-containing mushrooms also known as magic mushrooms in a ceremony is an ancient art traced back to millennia ago. They were an essential ingredient of the healing rituals of the ancient Celts, and were believed to serve as portals for inspiration and physical and spiritual purification.

The modern equivalent of a ceremony holder is a guide or a Shaman. When consumed, the psilocybin in the mushrooms creates profound emotional and spiritual experiences that positively impact one’s state of mind and create long-term changes.


Psilocybin for Addiction

Addiction is learned. Made by nature, both the physical and chemical aspects of our natural bodies and mind, work in balance and equilibrium. The first step to developing an addiction involves taking the substance. You disrupt that delicate chemical balance, entering an ecstatic state your body and mind find pleasurable. The only thing our minds love more than its health is that ecstasy.

Over time, your body and mind generate an ever-increasing craving for the substance, until your voluntary ability is dwarfed by your need. At this point, you become addicted, because the chemicals of the brain need the chemical to make you feel whole and compete and happy.

But it won’t stop there; remember balance. As your body ‘learns’ the tolerance, you develop a tolerance until doses to get a high are reaching levels that are dangerous to one’s health. It is a never-ending vicious cycle that gets only more dangerous by the second.

So if you are suffering from addiction, it is not a choice; but you can choose a way with help.


Mushroom Drug

What do psilocybin mushrooms hold for the individual suffering from addiction? Relief and new-found purpose, all without addiction. Psilocbyin has no addiction properties on the brain or body.


Psilocybin no addiction

Most people who are suffering from addiction never planned to fall into the trap in the first place. Triggers for the substance could take very subtle forms like grieving a lost one, seeking relief from stress, a suggestion from peers, etc.

We have created a mad world for ourselves as humans, and the mind just wants one thing; escape. The pleasure you feel on a trip blurs you out from reality and provides relief, temporarily. But with each trip, you sacrifice some more of your control, until you have none left. When the harmful effects arise, in spite of how vivid they are, you still can’t help consuming them.

The psilocybin shamanic healing ceremony seeks to restore the original balance of your mind and body. It seeks to disrupt the new behaviors you have learned; the illusion of relief and bring you to true terms with yourself, the real you, your essence. To restore your rightful place as the king of your mind and body, and direct you from the path of self-destruction to one of healing and newfound purpose.

It tackles the source and root of the problem. Many people who fell into addictions, started out with trying to repress trauma.

Michael, a 56-year-old website developer had suffered from depression for over 3 decades; with countless antidepressants and therapy sessions yielding no solution. With his mother and friend just passed, this was one of his worst times yet. On consuming the psilocybin mushrooms, he was taken on a journey to healing and self-rediscovery. He saw himself reliving key events in his life and was made to face repressed emotions. After the ceremony, and over the following weeks, he was completely changed. He regained his old hobby; taking photographs of nature, and couldn’t wait to step out and meet new people. His depression was gone and he felt a new connection to life, people, and nature.

For others, it could have been relief from stress. The psilocybin ceremony takes you to a point of transcended perception, where you are made to see how valuable your life and health are, and how you are a vital part of what the universe is doing right here, right now. The stress is not worth your health. An inspiration of how to do things better; like a new career path are examples of things one can gain from a ceremony.

In the end, that is which is out of balance, is what the psilocybin ceremony seeks to reveal to you. Giving your body and mind a taste of what it’s like to be free from the shackles of addiction; a greater pleasure.


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Psilocybin Therapy

Now, you have realized that you are doing yourself harm, and want to stop it. Remember, your dependence was built over time and will not go all at once. You must the process and the intelligence of the mushrooms to rid you of your learned behavior. The body and mind are wired to heal themselves, the ceremony creates an atmosphere for healing.

On the body, detoxification is one of the first processes of healing from addiction. In a bid to cleanse your body of accumulated substances, you may experience signs like sweating, vomiting, urination, and uncontrolled tears. Remember, it’s all to restore balance and your body’s natural chemistry.

Temporarily rewiring the brain’s Default Mode Network (DMN) and bringing new connections to life is one of the most interesting effects of psilocybin. Many participants use words phrases like ‘‘my brain was reset, my brain was rebooted, I received illumination on the negative energy my addiction had generated, I was reborn,’’ in description of their psilocybin ceremonies.

You leave the mushroon therapy ceremony with a realization of the strain on your body and how your natural energy flow has been hampered or made less efficient by your addiction. Your mind’s craving is gradually abolished just like a glitch on rebooted a computer.


Effects of Magic Mushrooms

The real change comes after the ceremony; tagged the integration phase. Note, as addiction is usually built over a while, you will still likely feel cravings, but definitely not as strong as before. Many people, however, experience nearly no cravings afterward. Significant improvement of withdrawal symptoms is also observed.

You will still need dedication and resolve, and probably a number of subsequent ceremonies to completely rid yourself of addiction. It will, however, become much easier.

Ceremony with magic mushrooms, especially for novices should be done under the proper guidance of a guide or shaman. Their wealth of experience and knowledge will help you on the path to healing by giving advice, explaining experiences, and giving you support in the days that follow your ceremony.

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