Life is full of pressure and responsibilities, often leading to us to give our away our time to others in a juggling act which can start to affect our health and well-being. It’s a cycle which many of us recognize being part of but can’t find a solution to make the changes we need to in order to restore balance in all aspects of ourselves. Between kids, family, work, friends, chores, and everything else which takes up our everyday lives, it can seem impossible to find time to focus on our own well-being.


A meditation retreat is the ideal setting to get away from your hectic life while taking the time to address the whole self and where you need to heal physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


Let’s take a look at how spiritual courses can benefit you.


What Happens at a Meditation Retreat?


When looking for the right course, you may come across all different types of transformational retreats, including a law of attraction retreat which focuses on how our thoughts and feelings attract other things into our lives. Making positive changes can affect the success we create and how we can achieve our goals.


Where shamanic courses differ, the ancient principles of shamanism are used to apply meaningful changes to our lives by connecting on a deeper level with energies around us. This can help us heal in all aspects of our lives. There are various shamanic practices and traditions to discover, and this can involve personal healings and group work.


At weekend spiritual retreats you may experience:


  • Learning how meditation can help you discover more about what is a shamanic journey and how you can connect to your own teacher spirits


  • Meeting shamanic practitioners who will teach you about the different rituals which can help with meditation, including drumming circles and reiki


  • Focusing on each aspect of your mind, body, and spirit, addressing imbalances and negativity


  • Using workshops, one to one sessions, and group work to learn from the knowledge of others, discover concepts with like-hearted people, and get the skills you need to keep healing after the mediation course has finished


  • Relaxing in casual luxury, away from your busy life


  • Discovering the authentic you while gaining clarity about the meaningful changes you want to make


  • Stepping up your spirituality to the next level


  • Leaving with the confidence and empowerment to truly change your life for good


While a meditation weekend retreat takes place over a few days, you’ll learn skills and knowledge which you can apply to your life, learning to live a life which is happier and more fulfilled.


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From our women’s empowerment retreats to our joyful transformational course, starting your journey on the shamanic path is supported by our wonderful teachers at the Meehl Foundation. Choose from a series of shamanic retreats at out spiritual center including the medicine wheel retreat and shamanic sisterhood retreat (elemental healing).


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