When pursuing a life of balance and happiness, the benefits of meditation have long been appreciated. If looking to learn the shamanic form of this ancient practice, a meditation weekend retreat provides time to explore the different techniques and how they can help you to move your life in the direction you crave. Some choose a course such as a law of attraction retreat, but shamanic practices are becoming more popular for their transformational results.

How Does a Shamanic Meditation Weekend Retreat Differ?

While the shamanic form of meditation differs a little from traditional meditative practices, many of the principles remain the same. Both help gain a greater awareness and a healthy sense of perspective by learning to observe your thoughts and feelings. This can enable you to rediscover your authentic self which leads to improved happiness and contentment. Both techniques must be learned, taking continual practice to grow comfortable in your new found skills. That’s why weekend spiritual retreats can be so transformative. They offer the ideal setting to relax and learn practices in the company of like-hearted others while receiving guidance from those who have established their own shamanic path already.

Where shamanic meditation differs is that it helps to build a strong personal connection to the spiritual world, taking those practicing on a journey of healing rather than forgetting negativity. What is a shamanic journey? Using methods such as shamanic drumming, it’s possible to achieve an altered level of consciousness. This involves entering a deep meditative state in which you can access energies to address imbalances in the mind, body, and spirit while gaining a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. The shamanic form of meditation deals with your connection to the spiritual world on a personal journey to live life as fully as possible in the physical world.

How Can a Weekend Retreat Help?

Taking the time away for a whole weekend, rather than a short one-hour meditation course to learn this new skill is something many choose to do. These transformational retreats teach you:

  • how to apply ancient principles to the modern world
  • techniques to help with deep shamanic meditation such as the use of repetitive drumbeats and chanting
  • to uncover and rediscover the wisdom within and your own personal power
  • to look at every part of yourself to help with healing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual suffering
  • how to stay healed once you leave the meditation retreat
  • to enjoy the shamanic journey and everything it can bring to your life

Find Spiritual Courses

If you’ve been looking for a meditation weekend retreat, our series of courses set in casual luxury at The Meehl Foundation’s spiritual center are renowned for facilitating transformational experiences for all who attend. From our joyful transformation course to our elemental healing retreat (Shamanic Sisterhood), our amazing weekends help you to dive deeply into an exploration of self-discovery while giving you the tools to take forth your new skills to make changes in your life. We also offer a popular medicine wheel retreat.

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