The connection between mushrooms and higher consciousness has been stated often, but it is never fully explored. There is a true connection that takes place during this experience, a feeling of being one with the universe. Many describe this feeling as reaching God, achieving unity and feeling an overwhelming sensation of love and peace. In short, it is a way to reach pure consciousness and attain a feeling of wholeness.

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Mushroom Ceremony

As one person stated “The physical third dimension started breaking down into molecular fractals and fused with the hyper etheric dimensions. All dimensions were indistinguishable from each other and defied linguistic explanation.” 

Mushrooms and Higher Consciousness

It is not just consumers, but academia that reinforce this idea. Researchers who examined brains of those injected with psilocybin and a control group found that the plant was able to bring about a state of expanded consciousness. It activates a part of the brain that controls this area, and promotes another way of thinking. It reduces the selfish desires that one might have, and introduces a new sense of self where the ego does not have a place. It is about experiencing pure knowledge and understanding of one’s place in the world. 

plant medicine, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreat, shrooms
plant medicine

Michael Pollin states, “I think the most transformative of these was a guided trip on psilocybin, during which I experienced the complete dissolution of my ego—I could see the entity formerly understood as me “out there” spread over the landscape like a coat of paint. Yet there was still some recording “I” taking in the scene, a sort of disembodied, dispassionate awareness. 

Mushroom Research

What researchers are seeing is psilocybin that offers a different view of reality. In this realm, there are no limitations of consciousness, of being an individual. There is a collective feeling that is borne, which is bigger than the individual itself. The “trip” is not just a moment, but an experience. And one that has long-term effects. Even after experiencing the plant, participants have stated their contentedness with life, their acceptance of the world and love, and the importance of the collective. 

There is evidence that psilocybin mushrooms can lead to mystical experiences. These are not just temporary illusions but create long-lasting behavior change. The study found that participants reported positive changes in their interpersonal relationships, their level of gratitude, and the meaning of life and their purpose. It brings about awareness and an understanding of one’s place in the world. It can sometimes feel like the shrouds of anxiety and negativity are taking over, but studies show that psilocybin can effectively mitigate these negative feelings and bring about a deeper awareness of one’s self.

In the past, these feelings might have been discounted. Psilocybin has long been the brunt of the hippy and new age culture, and many did not recognize its abilities before. However, what these academic studies indicate is that there are real biological and neurological roots to the feeling of achieving higher consciousness. Rather than a subjective feeling, there is now evidence of its existence.

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kambo Ceremony

As more studies take place, there will be more understanding of how this consciousness is achieved and what people are capable of after experiencing this. But as many will report, this experience of higher consciousness takes on meaning. It is not just a temporary feeling, but a relationship that is established with the healing powers of this plant. It’s a shamanic journey that not many experiences, but those who do are blessed. It is a way not only to minimize suffering but to gain a sense of peace that cannot be achieved otherwise.

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