Everyone has the power to make meaningful changes and start living life in the way it’s meant to be led – full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. There are a number of challenging obstacles which prevent people from gaining control, with anything from past experiences to personal feelings and current relationships dictating the direction of your life. 

A new age retreat involves spending time at a spiritual center to make long-lasting, positive changes in your life. Modern-day healing therapies and techniques help others to use what they have – their own mind and behaviors – to truly connect with themselves and how they want to feel.


A New Age Retreat Revolution – Benefits of Therapeutic Healing

  • Luxury retreats for transformational experiences
  • Start living a fulfilled life
  • Everyone is equipped to reclaim their authenticity
  • Learn how to make effective, meaningful changes in your life and how you feel
  • Straight forward techniques which you can apply easily to your life and routines
  • Recover wisdom and knowledge to heal
  • Embrace even the broken parts of yourself
  • Awaken your worth and life purpose
  • Learn how to tolerate any situation that comes your way
  • Increase emotional resilience


Here at the Meehl Foundation, we offer three retreats: Joyful Transformation, Shamanic Sisterhood, and the Medicine Wheel Retreat.

Joyful Transformation

Speaking out about negative feelings we have inside has become a taboo. Instead, unwanted feelings of shame, guilt, self-doubt, fear, obligation, expectation, and emptiness have become part of the norm, as familiar feelings which even provide us with comfort. Our 3-day Joyful Transformation retreat challenges these irrational feelings, helping you to live a life full of joy, passion, and fulfillment.  Stop unhealthy thoughts and emotions in their tracks, examining your life and relationships to rediscover and align with your core values.

Shamanic Sisterhood

Spend three days in a spiritual-centered sisterhood to evolve your feminine spirituality and shamanic wisdom. Our hands-on shamanic workshops will help you grow your tribe of like-hearted women, developing an empowering network. Rekindling ancient roots, your journey will involve shamanic drumming and shamanic music, while breathing modern life into these traditions. Each day will wind down with fireside shamanic journey drumming to allow you to heal fully.

Medicine Wheel Retreat

Setting a foundation for shamanic studies, our 4-day Medicine Wheel Retreat will take you on a sacred journey. Spend time with a shamanic practitioner, learning how to reclaim ancient ancestral wisdom while developing a deeper understanding of answers to “what is shamanic healing?”. You’ll combine ancient techniques with modern scientific principles to support and connect a deeper connection to the Earth. You’ll even construct your own sacred medicine wheel, leaving with recovered wisdom and knowledge to use in your everyday lives.

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Our retreats embrace exactly who you are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everyone can be healed and easily apply our techniques to make real, effective changes to improve their lives and how they feel.


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