Relaxation and meditation techniques are often used to access the spiritual realm but plant medicine can also help you on your spiritual journey. The plant that you chose to help you on your healing quest impacts on the form that the journey takes.


How Can Plant Medicine Help Your Vision Quest?


In shamanic culture the various plants that help people seeking their own vision quest as guides to be respected. The Shaman will help you on your vision quest shamanic journey. These plants are often seen in Western society as โ€˜drugsโ€™ but in reality, the wholistic healing powers they have can be harnessed by those who possess the knowledge and experience to use them to allow people to connect to their psyche on another level. It is important to understand that true shamanic healing trance is difficult to enter and control and must be done in a safe and nurturing environment. The shamanโ€™s role in a vision quest ceremony is to guide and protect the person seeking to ascend to the next realm, then to help them interpret what they have seen and experienced.


What is a Spirit Quest


To get the most from your spirit quest the shaman will usually advise that you have an objective in mind, you must be ready to fully participate and engage with where the plant medicine takes you in your trance. Plant allies are medicine, which are commonly used in shamanic culture are Ayahuasca, Yopo, peyote or psychedelic mushrooms and they act to facilitate a shift in consciousness which will result in an ecstatic state of consciousness.


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Plant Medicines- How to go on a spirit vision quest


Ayahuasca is a respected medicine which is a blend of two distinct plants; Banisteriopsis Caapi and Psychotria Viridis which combine to form a powerful hallucinogen. Research shows that the tea of these two plants has been used for centuries in their native South America to provoke deep healing experiences. Ayahuasca is often portrayed by those who have experienced shamanic healing as a nurturing female guide.


Yopo, also native to the Amazon region of South America, is formed from a combination of the seeds of the Anadenanthera Peregrina plant and ashes. It is quick-acting and when inhaled has a calming spiritual effect. The effect of Yopo is to clear the mind of chaos which is preventing you from seeing clearly in this realm.
Vision Quest The heightened state of consciousness and the other-world journey helps participants to decipher the reason that they feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied. Often the causes of physical or mental health issues are deeply buried in the subconscious and identifying the hidden issues during the vision quest can allow the healing process to begin. Shamanic healing can be beneficial for those in recovery from traumatic stress and they are supported and guided within the trance by their plant guide, and in the physical world by their shaman. It is important to spend time with the shaman after your vision quest as they will help you understand how your newfound knowledge fits into your current life and how you may be able to continue reaping the rewards of the journey.


Plant medicine is a useful way to access a higher realm and your shaman will be able to advise you on which plant is best for you depending on what you hope to achieve. Incorporating the natural world as a guide in your trance will bring about a deeper connection to the world as a whole and help you to engage fully with the therapeutic process.


A more significant and more profound method is meant to be used to achieve such a level of connection, and plant medicine is the best option. We will be explaining a bit about the relationship between plant medicine and vision quest or soul retrieval.


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What is Plant Medicine?


Plant medicine refers to any plant used in a ritual,( this is considered a plant ally) or any plant that is used for its therapeutic ability and also the ability to help reach the true inner self.


What is Vision Quest?


Vision Quest is a ritual undertaken by individuals as a passage into another phase to create a significant change, and it is usually conducted by a spiritual head, such as a Shaman. The three integral parts of the ritual are Serenity, Nature (including the setting used and the plants used) as well as fasting.


Soul Loss


From the word retrieval, it is not so hard to tell what soul retrieval is about. Soul retrieval refers to the process. Usually, a ritual or ceremony used to help you restore the connection you have lost with your true self. Individuals who resort to soul retrieval always claim of results so outstanding that they feel complete, whole and have a better sense of connection with themselves


For soul retrieval to be achieved, certain things must be in place, and part of it is the plant medicine. There are certain plants recommended for the practice/ceremony to occur, and these plants often have psychedelic effects that transit your mind from this state to an altered state of reality where you are allowed to explore the depths of your mind without boundaries.


Essentially, plant medicine is the crucial component upon which most shamanic healings are carried out. They are the very essence of many ceremonies and are used to control the way things and healing procedures take place significantly. Although the plant medicines can be used for many practices/rituals, there are other measures such as the Frog Medicine which also holds its importance in the ceremonies.


Plant medicines carefully selected and combined in the right proportion can help you reach the state of mind you want to. As proof, Kampu, who discovered the Frog Medicine was on a vision quest before he found it out with help from a spirit.


In conclusion, plant medicine has a powerful connection between soul retrieval and vision quest. They are like the very essence of the entire process and will help you reach your desired state. We can never overemphasize the need to take them when you need such level of connection in your mind.
Plant Medicine


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