Kambo Treatment

Kambo is a powerful therapeutic process which helps you re-discover the strength within… both physically and spiritually… through its powerful cleansing process. Kambo acts to allow you to purge and heal yourself of negative energy and physical dis-ease through the application of the venom from the Giant-Monkey frog. Shamans and users of Kambo know that the effect of the medicine is not euphoric but rather a cleansing experience designed to remove spiritual blockages, allow positive energy to flow, boost the immune system and heal the physical body. 

Kambo Preparations

 Kambo works most effectively (and smoothly) if you begin to prepare during the days leading up to your ceremony.  Try to eat as cleanly as possible, avoiding processed food and anything too rich or spicy. Focus on remaining well hydrated by drinking water and cutting out alcohol, you can add electrolytes to your fluids to keep your mineral intake balanced. It is important to note that in the days before you plan to take part in a Kambo ceremony you should not take part in colonic irrigation or liver flushing,  or take any recreational drugs as they may leave you dangerously dehydrated. It is best not to eat anything, and to drink only water or juice for 3-4 hours before the ceremony.

Day of Ceremony

As indicated above, you will be fasting in the hours before the ceremony and will be drinking plenty of water. Immediately before the start of the ceremony, drinking a liter of so of room temperature water is standard and customary. At this point you should be concentrating on the journey to come and what you hope to gain from the process.  Conscious meditation is a good way to prepare emotionally and spiritually for Kambo, invite the healing in and release any negativity. It is important to set an intention for your Kambo experience to truly get the most out of it.

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kambo Treatment

During the Ceremony

The Kambo ceremony will be led by an experienced shaman or Kambo facilitator, who will over see every aspect of your journey. They may offer insight, perform energetic adjustments, or suggest physical actions as it appears necessary… such as drinking more water, changing positions, or otherwise aiding the purge. Throughout this process it is imperative that you relax as much as possible, and allow the medicine to do it’s work. You should open your mind to the process and trust in the medicine to guide you wherever you need to go.

 Holding an objective in mind can often ease this process and make it much easier to fully embrace the experience by giving your conscious mind something to focus on during the ceremony.

What to Bring

You will be in a comfortable, protected space but the systemic purge of Kambo often occurs in stages or waves that have different bodily effects. As such, it is recommended that you dree comfortably, and in layers so that you can adjust your temperature as necessary (cool towels and blankets are also provided for this purpose). If you have long hair bring a band to tie it back during the purging phase. Once the initial phase is over you will want to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible so a light blanket may be useful. After the ceremony, you should snack on something light to balance your electrolytes, try fresh fruit, juice, or coconut water to soothe your stomach.

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plant medicine

After Care

Within a day or so, the superficial burn points where the Kambo was applied will form small scabs. Try not to knock the scabs off as they are more likely to scar if you do… and doing so will slow the healing process. You will have anywhere between one and five small burns, which will usually heal within a couple of weeks.

Additionally, in the days immediately following your Kambo ceremony, it is important to nourish and hydrate your body. Water and electrolyte intake are important to avoid dehydration, but over-hydration can also be an issue. Many people feel the need to vastly increase their water, but this is not necessary and can actually cause a dangerous electrolyte imbalance. A light, healthy diet following ceremony will help support you, as well (and add to an optimal pose-ceremony balance of electrolytes/mineral/nutrients).

You should be kind to yourself in the days after your Kambo ceremony, you have gone through a powerful therapeutic process and your body and spirit will need time to rest and recover. You may find yourself more sensitive than normal.  Be gentle with yourself, and remain aware of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in the days prior.

Kambo, Kambo Treatment, kambo ceremony, Kambo Texas, Kambo Houston, Plant medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic weekend retreat
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Kambo, Kambo treatment, Kambo ceremony, kambo Houston, Kambo Texas, Plant medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Weekend retreat
Plant medicine